DSC_0094And now a note from a more tranquil part of the world. Dirty South,  South of Sweden, Skåne.

You may know me as a big city lady but in truth, my heart lies just as much in the green and muddy countryside. Growing up, I spent half my week in Stockholm, busying myself with training not only in academic excellence, but learning skillz that would fare me well in my future life as a big city hustlerette. The other half was spent down here, with my horses and my books – at one with nature, and all that. The last time I was here, on my own, the most action I got was when I lost the house keys in the woods. This time has been devoid of any such action packed adventures, and I shall be returning to London calm like a cow.

If you happen to have your way around this part of the world, be sure to visit the amazing contemporary art exhibition at Wanås Castle – I know you guys are well into art, so this should be on your to-go list! Walking in the park around the castle is breathtakingly beautiful at times, fun and provocative at others. One of my favorites is Yoko Ono’s Wish Trees for Wanås – visitors can write their wishes on a piece of paper and tie it to a branch of one of the trees. For a dreamy and wishful gal like myself, it’s nice to sometimes grab hold of one of those wishes, put it to paper, and watch it flutter in the wind next to the dreams of strangers.

Lots of love

xx Alexicat


Marianna Uutinen’s The Hearts is a perfect place for me to rest my head.


Paintings by John – E Franzen

DSC_0062 DSC_0080DSC_0136

Maze runner, inside Gunilla Bandolin’s The Pyramid.

IMG_1669 3

My wish flutters in the wind from Yoko Ono’s Wish Trees for Wanås

IMG_1679 3IMG_1690 3

Molly Haslund’s Three Double Bars provides William with

ample opportunity for parkour fooling around

IMG_1695 3

Did you ever SEE anyone so at -one with nature?! The tranquility!