P1070063This weekend I went to some pretty fab restaurants and places! I went to the new Jak’s which has opened where the old nightclub Public was before. It’s huge and great for meetings and for sitting and writing on my stuff. Me and Rushina (btw, notice her fab Kabiri turban!) had a long lunch that turned into me trying to convince her not to go to some wine tasting event. I didn’t succeed, and therefore I decided to have some wine tasting of my own. I met up with some friends who invited me to tag along to a dinner with half of The London Business School. Really, how did I end up here? It was really fun though, and wine tasting turned into vodka tasting, turned into shenanigans at Loulou’s… It was a little hard to get up the next day, but the fact that we had lunch reservations at Cecconi’s made it all the more easy to drag myself up and activate the good ol’ smoke and mirrors. I love this place for lunch during the weekends- great people watching! My Sunday also took some unexpected turns, and after Cecconi’s we were off to Art’s Club, then Home House… All in all, a weekend well spent, wouldn’t you say?

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