Hello my darlings, happy Tuesday! How was your weekend? I had a pretty good one!

Before the real weekend could commence, Yours Truly was called upon for some filming biznizz. Now, we all know that I am no tattle tale and can hold my tongue when it comes to matters of discretion, so I will not give you the deets as to what exactly we were filming. However I’m sure that you, like me, have a good imagination and can fantasise wildly as to the story behind it. Could it be a Prison Drama? Sci-Fi? Jidaigeki?

I woke up early on Saturday and felt like, hey, let’s go do some yoga. So I googled yoga places nearby in my new hood and found one very close to me, perfect, starts in ten minutes, let’s go! What I didn’t realise, since I never bother to read such mundane things as the details, was that it was a hot yoga class. Now, I’m generally a big fan of this type of yoga, and can totally roll with that. Just maybe not on THE hottest day of the year. So my invigorating morning exercise left me feeling, and looking, like a broiled piglet: I pretty much re-defined the term “Rosy Cheeks”. I had no time to rest though, because Laura called and told me to stop being so red and tired, so I was like, fine, let’s go to Anglesea Arms. I managed to find the shadiest corner where my temperature returned to normal, as did my deathly pallor and my senses. My senses were then subjected to cuteness overload by Lulu – the dog in the basket on the bike- who mingled with us for a bit.

We went for dinner at Peyote in Mayfair – totally a fun place to go before going out, and as far as Mexican food goes, I totally dig it. We ordered loads of different things from the menu and my favourites were the crab starter and a delicious main of sea bass. After dinner, we needed to burn off the calories from the nachos etc so we headed to recently opened Café Kaizen. I’ll give you more of a low-down on this place later! Now, I have loads of fun things happening this week so I have to go and do some boring stuff, like figuring out some details. Oh, the grind!

IMG_6340 IMG_6343

Finally the cameras are pointed in the right direction


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