As you already know, I got back to London last week. After my dramatic encounter with the customs, I obviously needed to cam down with some relaxing lunching and dining. I went for lunch at the Botanist on Sloane Square (I prefer Colbert next door, but it was full). To be honest- I don’t love the food here. But it’s a good location and it was raining so, hey, I’m not complaining! I went for the Sole Meuniere, always a safe bet.

I also went for dinner with Minnie, Rickard and William at Buddha Bar in Knightsbridge. We decided late (9.30) that we were hungry and needed to be fed, so we headed over here to feast on tuna tartar, such, Chilean Sea bass and black cod. We accompanied this with tequila and espresso martinis, which made us nice and “marinated” for what followed- Cuckoo and Beat. It was a really fun night, although it’s evident that “everyone” isn’t back yet.

By the way- I’m so happy about all the positive response I’ve gotten for my latest blog posts (the ones that have more of a story in them). My intention here is to keep posting a mix of photos of my daily life/nightlife and more fun/crazy stories. Stay tuned, and I guarantee that more will follow regularly!

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