Since as far as I can remember, it has been a family tradition to go up to the lighthouse above Gustavia each year, to watch the sunset and have some drinks. The view is spectacular- but of course it always is, from the top :). Since the very first day of this trip, I appointed Fredrik my personal photographer. He has been less than thrilled with this new employment, or shall we call it, internship (unpaid), but I like to believe he’s slowly warming to his new task. Yesterday, my heart gave a little leap when he burst out things like “No not there, the light is better here” “Oh, come on, that angle is horrendous!” “You look retarded.” Yay! Fuck politics, brother, do something useful for society- like take more pictures of me! Just what the world needs.

We’ve made so many new friends this year, and I honestly cannot wait to go to New York and visit them. Last night, we went to La Plage to say hi to our favourite sisters, Stephanie and Lana Scolaro, who were having dinner with some other friends there. They have almost convinced me to go straight with them from here to NYC, like they are. Only problem is, New York is currently under siege by a massive snow storm! All the flights are messed up, and also, I only have summer clothes with me.  Although patience is not one of my (many) virtues, this is one trip that might have to wait.

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