Cash me at the garden party, howbow dah?

I like to consider myself a collector of experiences. As such, I will rarely say no to an opportunity to take part in something out of the ordinary. Like a BDSM themed Valentine’s Day rave, for instance.

Torture Garden is no new kid on the block; the famous institution started in 1990  as an alternative club night. It was an immediate success and over the years, the parties have grown into an international establishment. Torture Garden, or TG for short, has played a massive role in lessening the taboos surrounding fetish and S&M. Dope!

This party was held at the Coronet in Elephant and Castle – a venue I’m familiar with from many other parties over the years. The site had been turned into a kinky maze of remarkably themed rooms. Cages with half naked women being whipped? Yep. A twisted take on a doctors practice? Indeed. A sex dungeon? You bet.

Whilst respecting the privacy of my fellow party-goers, I couldn’t resist taking to the camera. I won’t even try to pretend otherwise; during the evening, I was snapchatting and posting on my instagram videos like it was my job. A diligent worker-bee, Alexicat, reporting live from the field. Much like a field worker, I done got my hands dirty. But you don’t want to hear about that.

Many of my social media followers reported their interest in accompanying me to the next event – how delightful! Let’s all go! A great amount of concern was also expressed in regards to the dress code. What does one wear?

Simply put; anything out of the ordinary. An abundance of latex and harnesses and chokers and gimp masks and and and. You name it. For those less comfortable with such garments, I recommend thinking along the lines of  Burning Man, Naughty Edition. But let’s face it; if you’re going to this event, chances are you have some secret desire you are curious to explore, so why not let your choice of clothing reflect that? Be as creative as you want!

I myself opted for a latex alternative. Have you ever tried putting a latex dress on by yourself? The rubber is so tight and sticky, it takes a good while to squeeze into it (and half a bottle of baby powder and latex shine oil.) Thigh high boots, fishnets and a diamante collar and leash = outfit complete. I will tell you this, right now; I freakin loved this look! #Glamthefuckup with a twist.

Another latex-aficionado whom I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of was Miss Goldie (lady in the red dress in my bathroom selfie!) She makes really cool, custom-made latex wear, (check it out here!) should that be your thing. I think it might be mine!

 So, my dear, dirty, degenerate. Please like this post if you want more of this kind of content or if you want me to start blogging all the damn time again.

Xx Alexicat

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