IMG_0257When a girl is tired of London, she gets on the train and goes to Paris. That’s right mes amies; I’m back in town!

When it comes to cars, I guess I can be a bit ignorant. Like: “What kind of car does he have?” “Ehh… a black one? With a number plate?”

However, there is one car that transcends the borders of reality (and time) enough to make even me go a bit car-crazy; a DeLorean. It is no joke that I have a slight obsession with the Back to the Future movies – absolute favourites – so when my friend Luis Felipe pulled up to our dinner at Ralph’s in his own DMC, I was delighted. A pimp ride if I ever saw one! His car is one of the 15 originals that was actually built for the movie, so it has an extra special feel to it.  As a matter of fact, this vehicle is not referred to as a car at all, but simply a time machine. It is positively complete, flux capacitor and sports calendar intact! We got to talking about what year we would go to if we could, but couldn’t really agree on anything sensible. Then again, “sense” might be the applicable term here; we are talking about time travel, after all.

So we had dinner at Ralph’s which is Ralph Lauren’s restaurant, situated within the shop on Blvd. Saint Germaine. I’d say we cut a pretty good team: one music hustler, one eccentric movie maker/ explorer, one designer, one writer/ what does she actually do? and an actress; the lovely Julia Stiles joined us this evening.

As the eccentric movie maker proclaimed after dinner that he was “the Dictator of our night” we headed toward his destination of choice: wild cabaret at Aux Trois Maillets. This was just great – piano bar upstairs, and downstairs, in a kind of cellar, there was one long table in the middle before a stage. The singers were incredible, dancing all night long on the table at which we were sat. We stayed very late, and I guess it’s fair to say that the next day we all wished we could travel back in time to reduce the amount of wine we had. If only I had a Time Machine…

Ralph’s 173 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006, Paris

Aux Trois Mailletz 56 Rue Garlande, 75005, Paris

IMG_0249Beyond excited to fiddle with the time.

IMG_0259 IMG_0264 IMG_0266

“Disconnect capacitor drive before opening. Shield eyes from light” – Flux Capacitor instructions

IMG_0268IMG_0246 IMG_0271 IMG_0275The table had to be kept clear since the singers would jump on it and dance up and down!


IMG_0294These sailors I found look less than happy to see me. Maybe because I accidentally touched one of their asses? Is that really something to pull a sad face for, boys?

IMG_0303I will never get enough of the beautiful French architecture! Can I live in this building?

IMG_0350IMG_0359Eiffel Tower by night – cut’s a pretty striking sight.