Can’t get no satisfaction?

Do you ever feel like… it’s not as fun as it could be? Life, running on empty tanks? You can’t get no satisfaction?

You need to Glam the fuck up and calm the fuck down. You’re in the right place at the right time darling, and all the tools to help you access a state of youness are all there.

Feel more like YOU

Glamthefuckup means to do something in order to crank up the voltage of your inner light in a way that makes you feel most like you. Performing an act or ritual to put you in the right headspace. Things to make you feel appreciated, intelligent, powerful, self-loved, beautiful, sexy, thirsty for life, calm, at ease, creative. Things to make you feel enough.

What brings you light?

What are the things you love doing? What are non negotiable aspects of wellbeing to you?

Alexicat is certainly no stranger to self love – I am a creature prone to luxuriating in my own whims. But I have darker days too and on those, I’ve found it imperative to engage in excessively self-loving behaviour.

When you feel out of touch with your intentions or as if you’re about to hit a wall, here’s an idea. Write a list of at least twenty things that make you vibe, then actively make sure to do or include five (or more) of those things every day. Not just on the days you feel off-kilter. Every damn day, you hear me!?

Identifying the things in your life that make you feel whole is a great tool. Perhaps the next step would be to look at the people in your surroundings and how they contribute to/ counteract, your development.

Really, it comes down to identifying your needs. Make sure you feed your heart and soul with the right stuff and try not to be afraid of cutting down on things, people, patterns, that no longer serve you.

List of things that turn me on
  • Creativity
  • Travel
  • Literature
  • Beautiful clothes
  • Colours
  • Beauty treatments. Massage, get my hair and nails done, facial, spa day, sauna, etc.
  • The beach
  • Looong walks alone
  • Meditation
  • Sex with a partner I vibrate highly with
  • Orgasms
  • Writing
  • Nature
  • Seeing or having phone calls with my best friends and family
  • Swimming in the ocean
  • Physical activity
  • Music
  • Live music
  • Singing
  • Art
  • Connection
  • Jewellery (Especially diamonds)
  • Makeup
  • Inspiring podcasts
  • Going shopping
  • Dressing up
  • A visit to the theatre
  • Smile!
  • Horses and dogs
  • Coffee
  • Good wine


Lots of love,

xx Alexicat