Question: Are you a giver or a taker?

A delicate one, I know, and I suppose we all like to think of ourselves as charitable pillars of society. I know a lot of you (and a lot of me) like to be on the receiving end of things, but really now, enough of this egotistical behaviour. Let’s start giving!

Last Thursday, I went to a fun charity event at the Kate Spade store on Sloane Square organised by The Society of Young Philanthropists (known as The Society for short). Alexandra Abrams is the brain and beauty behind this whole operation and this is one of many events she’s organised recently. I asked her how she got the idea to start this foundation and she told me that when she returned to London after some time spent working for the WCPUN in New York, she found there was a different opinion of charity in our rainy capital. Why weren’t young people more prone to giving? Perhaps it wasn’t cool enough? Let’s give ’em a fun incentive to start donating!

The idea behind The Society was to make young entrepreneurs, philanthropists, current and future leaders of society more aware of the different ways to contribute charity. There is a reward scheme to the idea too- give enough and they give you something back (designer discounts, impossible to get reservations at private members clubs, unique experiences etc.)

Alexandra will be organising black tie dinners, parties and debates with public figures and celebrities engaged in different aspects of charity work. The proceeds are dispensed between a number of charities that she and her selected board members hand pick.

So join The Society, and lets make charity cool!

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