P1060683The Box Boutique is a super cool concept store that are now doing a pop up shop in Chelsea, just off Walton Street (they have another boutique on Maddox Street in Mayfair). Perfect! So let’s go here before (or after) Watermelon martinis at Eclipse? I’m sure that would help even the most reluctant shopper. Not that one would need such encouragement in an environment like this… seriously, get your credit cards ready, cause this place is da bomb. They have loads of cool designers, including my favourite sunglass label Anna Karin Karlsson, as well as many other smaller brands that you might not have heard of before… unique pieces, that will separate you from the cattle crowd. Loads of friendly friends and fashionistas (and lots of hot dudes, too) mingled with glasses clinking with endless champagne, and for the recovering alcoholics or detoxers, there were delicious cold-pressed juices too! We started talking to one of the designers who sells her amazing handbags here, Janvier, who turned out to be Swedish! We messed about upstairs with the fun hair colours by Kevin Murphy (they are actually responsible for me wearing my hair pink for an entire summer! Really great product- it’s like a hair crayon that you easily colour your hair with, and then it washes out after one wash!) And make no mistake- they don’t only sell clothes! I myself have my eye firmly set on this bible of Barbie-ness- could there be a more perfect bedtime read? 😉