The island feels a lot calmer now that many people left. I don’t know how to feel about this- on the one hand, it is already making me melancholic and missing all the fun we’ve had in the last weeks, and on the other… It’s nice to just chill a little before heading back to London. Yesterday, we went to Saline early in the morning and I got my tan on, fah realz! Ok- I know what my friends back home are thinking- but you don’t tan!  All right, all right… So sue me, if getting excited about an extra shot of espresso in my glass of milk is a crime! One Latte Macchiato, s’il vous plait!

After Saline, we headed for lunch at Eden Rock. I ordered lots of delicious tuna tataki and Mahi Mahi tartar (the local fish) while Fredrik went for the, exquisitly branded, Fish Burger. Note the popcorn being served as a little snack- who’d have thought it went so well with Rose? I wore a tunic by new and exciting label Chartwell and G- they make resort wear an art, with their intricate details and use of only the finest silk. Roman Abramovich sat at the table next to us, as did my fellow Swedish blonde Victoria Silvstedt- gorgeous as always!

Now if you’ll excuse me- I only have two more days left here, so I need to get back to my Barista, I mean tanning duties. 


“Take a picture of me when I jump!” Yeah, that happens. A lot. 

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Nudists on the beach. Each to their own, I guess!


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