Dirty South – Country Stylin’

P1080291 2Every once in a while, a city gal like me has to get back to her countryside roots. Activate: Social Reclusion. I swept in here to the south of Sweden a while back, and I’ve been chillin like a villain. Now, chillin’ is all good and dandy for short periods of time, but in all honesty, one found oneself rather bored after a while. So, I called in for back up. Enter, the one and only, the woman; myth;legend: Hanna. Those of you who know me well might think it odd that she has yet to make an appearance on this blawg, so here she finally is. Her and I are holed up here in my crib, just doing the usual: drawing caricatures of people we know, writing a TV series, playing in the woods and climbing trees. Glorious!

As I’m writing this, it’s 7.30 in the morning and she just entered the kitchen. Having awoken from what I can only assume was a very good dream she greeted me this morrow with “My brain is so awesome!” and allowed herself a little chuckle. Can’t wait to hear what that dream was about!

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