Sexy Valentine’s @ Blakes

alexiabergstrom_005For a girl with a one track mind, there seems to be ten million options.

For Valentine’s Day, I mean (you are so dirty! Behave!)

Now – let’s get one thing straight: I have never had a Continue reading

Storhogna Högfjällshotell & Spa


I love snow.

Is it because one of my favorite colors is white? Oh yes – I do like this color of innocence and lost virtues. It resonates with me. Is it because it’s cold? While I’m not adverse to a bit of a chill, I’m not too crazy about the minus. No – it’s because of all the fun things it entails: Skiing. Dressing up. Dressing down. Skiing.

It was a long, long time ago since I traveled to the northern parts of Sweden. A sudden urge Continue reading

Snaps Around: Scotland

IMG_4660If you don’t already follow me on instagram you won’t know that I recently ran up to Scotland. My memory being rusty and all, I forgot to tell you all about it, so here it is!

I have many friends who have studied in Edinburgh, and for many years there was talk of a visit. But somehow, my Edinburgh friends always found themselves in London, like clockwork, every Saturday, turning up for the evening shift on the tables of Tramp and Cuckoo. Therefore, there was never much reason for me to migrate North. Because I don’t suppose you go there for the splendid nightlife?

No you don’t. What you DO go there for is the mind blowing beauty of the country. It’s just like you’d imagine – big plains of endless green and castles dangling courageously from rocky cliffs. And lot’s of whiskey. Whiiiis-kheeey…. the ravaging wind seems to whisper with every whip of it’s mighty force. The castle Continue reading

Au Revoir St Barth’s



IMG_7325Thank you everyone for making this year’s Christmas and New Years celebration truly special. I was SO not ready to leave, but alas, duty calls. Back to rainy London! However, I  am of the firm belief that everyday can be amazing, regardless of where you are. Appreciate the moment, make the most of your day, do something fucked up something that makes you happy. Be productive. Be creative. Be grateful. Be happy in 2015. MANY fun and amazing things ahead:) Continue reading

Recent Snaps around: St Barth’s


Here are some snaps that never made the cut for the more ‘aesthetically pleasing’ posts – a little pick a mix of selfies, parties, beaches etc around the island. Above: Toi là! Je t’aime! But you already knew that of course 😉 Continue reading

The View + Beach


Our last days together in St Barths, me and my bro’s enjoyed some sibling QT. We hung out at Shell Beach and had lunch at Do Brazil – this is a must on the island!

Afterwards, we went on to our special family spot. It has the best view of the harbor and it’s beautiful to watch the sunset here – go up to the lighthouse above Gustavia around 4-5 and watch the sunset. If you’re lucky Continue reading

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