P1100630The most idyllic of feasts, Midsummer, was upon us once again last Friday. My wonderful cousin Louise and her man decided to organise a supremely awesome lunch in their garden, in order to honour the sacred tradition of drinking copious amounts of Snaps and slurring singing Snaps-Songs. Traditionally, a May-Pole (pretty much a giant phallic shaped pole) is… erected, and danced around. We didn’t have any such pole, but figured those who really wanted to could perhaps head to one of London’s more sophisticated strip clubs Continue reading

Hanexia in Paris


Despite it’s many charms, London can sometimes feel a bit meh! for the habitants of the glorious metropol. So what dost one do? Go to Paris, of course! I must admit I am a little bit in love with the Eurostar – it’s like an extended (more glamorous) subway. Plus, a guy sitting next to me on the way over fed me almonds. Sweet!


So I arrived in Paris well fed on squirrel snacks and ready to reunite with Snicky- Snacks. That’s Hanna to you, mister. Yep, she had been on family duty there all week, chaperoning two teenagers (the most responsible chaperone ever) and upon my glorious arrival she mused and marvelled at the many wonders of Disney World (Pirates of the Caribbean world! The Pretzels! The Waffles! The Rollercoaster!) So it was now time for some grown-up fun, because we’re so mature.


If I’m in love with the Eurostar, I’m absolutely head over heels with Paris. Not that I wasn’t before, but its just like when you’re dating someone – when you don’t see them for a while, you forget all about them. Forget what they look like. Forget what they are like. Forget that they matter at all. So this was like a sweet reunion with a long forgotten lover. And just like a long distance lover, the city decided to present itself to me in its most magnificent way – perfect weather, perfect fun!


There are so many places to go to, so much to see, so many people to flirt and marvel at, so where to start? As far as mini-city guides go, here’s a little selection of recommendations. Continue reading

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