Love To All of You



I would like to start this week off by reminding myself, and you, that all the tools for being the happiest, healthiest and most loving version of ourselves are readily available to each and everyone of us. Continue reading



I must have posed for over 40 works of art for Him; films, photos, paintings, sculptures… The man is nothing if not multi faceted. Especial attention was given to the short film Dans ma Chambre/Dans ma Cherie. As is indicative by the name, it was a rather explicit encounter of me, and our sex life. But you know, all in the name of art…
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#Dontbeacoward No. 1

Fotor0204132433Regret. A word full of negative connotations, anxiety and lost opportunities. A word that has no place in my vocabulary. It was subjected to a swift and sudden Tarantino- style execution when I realized that regret was in fact, a thing for cowards. Regretting something means that you Continue reading

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