Sexy Valentine’s @ Blakes

alexiabergstrom_005For a girl with a one track mind, there seems to be ten million options.

For Valentine’s Day, I mean (you are so dirty! Behave!)

Now – let’s get one thing straight: I have never had a Continue reading

Purple Haze

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 16.01.42

I feel tricked and betrayed – by my own memory. Last time I checked, I had a whole week left here in St Barth’s – apparently not so. I’m leaving tomorrow, back to London, and here I’ll share a few pictures my talented friend Agnes Fischer took – I love the ‘Purple Haze’ theme in these ones!  To find more of her work, head to her website

Don’t I wish I had a full time photographer following me around everyday? Beats any old selfie stick, that’s for sure… Continue reading

Bikini Beach Time

ALEXIA COLOR BEACHLet me tell you one of the 500 perks of being here in St Barth’s for almost a month: The Calm After the Storm. Over New Year’s it really is an intense schedule: parties that can’t be missed, beaches that shan’t remained unbeached and, well, parties that can’t be missed. So to have this luxury to stay on a couple of more days after things have calmed down a bit is glorious – it is my insurance that I won’t return to London looking like a Toxic Waste Product. Would hate to have another bout with customs! No, no, better look my usual, inconspicuous self. 😉

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The Actor

mirror I have a friend who has a friend. Girl has a serious weakness for men of the “clichĂ©-handsome-Hispanic” variety (think Enrique Iglesias, or Ricky Martin, before he was gay. Or after. She don’t discriminate.) One night, she attended a boring party in the countryside. Boring, boring, boring, everything boring. Until she saw The Actor. People parted to let this Adonis float through the crowd as if carried by wings of beauty. The fervent intent of his eyes, the swirl of dark hair that spoke not only of great DNA but also of exuberant use of Moroccan oil, the nonchalance with which he dismissed the other losers around him and instead zoned in on Girl – it was all just perfect. When he asked her out for dinner upon their mutual return to the Metropolis, she naturally said yes. Before the date,

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A Scottish Nightmare

nosferatu1I have a friend who has a friend. Actually, everyone has a friend with a story of a bad date – perhaps you’ve even been on one or two yourself – but this one here deserves a special mention.

The Girl in question had decided to invest in some property in Edinburgh. Tired of the hustle and bustle of the Capital, she couldn’t wait to spread her wings and fly, like the seagulls lining the beautiful Scottish shore, into her new abode of domestic bliss.

However, she didn’t have many friends, or potential boyfriends, inhabiting this new quarter of the earth. Never one to shy away from trying something new, she thought about online dating. Yes, the odds are low for finding someone you really like – kinda like a needle in a haystack – but let’s give it a go anyway.

Bingo! She got a match immediately, with what at first glance appeared to be a not too shabby potential love interest. Tall – 6 ft.7 – a former dodgeball pro, according to his profile.

On the day leading up to the date, our girl sent him a couple of questions, to ease the tension of this first encounter. You know, standard stuff. Favourite movie? Occupation? That sort of thing. He answered and responded with a few queries of his own.

“Have you ever seen a dead body?” Continue reading

Researching a Sex Addict

ALAMY_2101455bI have a friend who has a friend.  This girl is an actress, and is constantly doing research for new roles. It’s very important for every role that she’s able to get into character and really understand the psychology behind the person she is playing.

One day, her agent called her with the magic words: She got the part!

As a sex addict. Continue reading

Drugs on the first Date

MjAxMy1hYjgxMTE0OTAwZDRkZDczI have a friend who has a friend, who was spending some time in LA. He had been kind of disappointed by the lack of potential boyfriend material- where were the glamorous Hollywood guys he had been promised!? He wanted to find that perfect guy, ASAP!

Then one day, it happened. It was a true Hollywood story- He: A dark, Spanish Heir, all European delicacy and class. He: A Clark Kent with an Ivy League background and a name to be reckoned with in La-La Land- just the right shade of Rich and Famous.

They met at a dinner party at a mutual friends house and bonded over wheatgrass shots and raw vegetables. Perhaps this was the Dude he had been looking for? Wedding bells tolled in the mind of the Heir, as Clark Kent asked him out on a date, and he started to get nervous. Like, really, bloody, fucking, nervous. Like, Girl, Interrupted, nervous. What was he to do?

After consulting his most LA-chic friend Continue reading

An Officer- Not a Gentleman!


I have a friend who has a friend. Her babe-like qualities regularly garners attention from the opposite sex, and the night I’m about to tell you about was no exception.

She had been flirting with this particular guy for a while, and she was totally into him. The guy in question was some sort of Officer in the military. I think my friend, at this moment in time, was a little bit awe-struck by the prospect of sleeping with a loyal servant of Queen and Country. A lot of tequila, and thoughts like “Just think how dapper he looks in that uniform!”  went through her head that night, and when he pulled the final move on her, she just couldn’t resist.

“I can give you a private view of the Queen’s stable. I’ll let you in where no woman has been!” Continue reading

#Dontbeacoward No. 1

Fotor0204132433Regret. A word full of negative connotations, anxiety and lost opportunities. A word that has no place in my vocabulary. It was subjected to a swift and sudden Tarantino- style execution when I realized that regret was in fact, a thing for cowards. Regretting something means that you Continue reading

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