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Here are some snaps that never made the cut for the more ‘aesthetically pleasing’ posts – a little pick a mix of selfies, parties, beaches etc around the island. Above: Toi là! Je t’aime! But you already knew that of course 😉 Continue reading

Dirty South – Country Stylin’

P1080291 2Every once in a while, a city gal like me has to get back to her countryside roots. Activate: Social Reclusion. I swept in here to the south of Sweden a while back, and I’ve been chillin like a villain. Now, chillin’ is all good and dandy for short periods of time, but in all honesty, one found oneself rather bored after a while. So, I called in for back up. Enter, the one and only, the woman; myth;legend: Hanna. Those of you who know me well might think it odd that she has yet to make an appearance on this blawg, so here she finally is. Her and I are holed up here in my crib, just doing the usual: drawing caricatures of people we know, writing a TV series, playing in the woods and climbing trees. Glorious!

As I’m writing this, it’s 7.30 in the morning and she just entered the kitchen. Having awoken from what I can only assume was a very good dream she greeted me this morrow with “My brain is so awesome!” and allowed herself a little chuckle. Can’t wait to hear what that dream was about!

Here are some pictures Continue reading

How to: Break into an Ambulance

P1070233The other day, I took a walk on the wild side and broke into an ambulance. Now, what would compel me to do such a thing? The opportunity presented itself and I fell back on my go-to argument of One Might As Well. I was on my way home from a night on the town and there it was; bright yellow, bright green, and not an Official to be seen. You’d think it’d be really hard, right, to break into such an imposing chariot of rescue? No no! Really, it was more entering rather than breaking. All you have to do is Continue reading

Tessa Packard Press Release

image-9I find complaining about the weather utterly pointless. Ok- I get it- it rains a lot. But it’s bloody London you know, and if you can’t deal- move! Above is a rain-selfie of me, being fully content despite the awful weather today. I was once talking to a guy about the London weather, and he seemed so upset about it, like whoa man, relax. He kept complaining about London, how boring it was bla bla bla, and eventually I snapped at him with a quote by British author Samuel Johnson

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of Life.”

The man gave me a look of utter mortification, and I hastened to explain that, haha, it was just a quote. A friend of mine later told me that he was seriously depressed, and had tried to commit suicide that same week…. Oops. He is fine today, but at the time, it made me feel bad that I’d brought his mind back to this sinister subject that obviously wouldn’t leave him alone. From then on, my quotes (at least in public) are of a more positive and vague nature. One person who is, arguably, a living quote machine in this category is of course, Pitbull. If you can’t think of anything actually clever to say, just do like him and say/shout the name of a few cities followed by “Mr Worldwide!” WAY better crowd pleaser than Samuel Johnson.  On a serious note though… I wonder what would happen if Pitbull lost his passport? His career would be over.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 20.49.35Anyway, enough of Pitbull, let’s talk about something more attractive. Last night, I got invited to the press release for jewellery designer Tessa Packard’s latest collection. The collection is called “No Smoke Without Flowers” and is inspired by the Opium dens and the glamour of the courtesans who frequented them. Before I headed over (the event was held in the aptly named “Opium” in China Town!) I checked out her website and I understood immediately that this was jewellery according to my own tastes…. did someone say old school glamour? The pieces evoke a kind of sensual, decadent feeling… statement pieces in lovely colours of blue, green and orange made of 18ct gold, diamonds, lapis lazuli and sapphires, to name a few, and prices range from just above £100 to £10 000.  I especially liked the green earrings… and I also had my eye on the black cufflinks for men- I find it so hard to buy nice gifts for men these days. What do I give the guys who have everything? Yes, my guy friends are extremely spoiled… but these cufflinks would look good on all of them, I’m sure. Something to keep in mind for coming birthdays.

For more information and to shop the collection, head to 


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Me and Tessa Packard

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