Chance – A Moral Dilemma

morals of dating new tv series chance

  1. You find £100,000 in cash in a bag on an empty street in the middle of the day. Do you:
  2. a)    Hand the money over to the police
  3. b)    Take £50,000 of the cash for yourself and give the rest to charity
  4. c)     Keep £70,000 of the cash for yourself and hand the remaining money to the police station
  5. d)    Keep all of the cash for yourself and never tell anyone


Introducing Chance –  a new psychological thriller. Starring? Your morals.
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Little Bud Flower Love


“The language of flowers, sometimes called floriography, is a means of cryptological communication through the use or arrangement of flowers. … Armed with floral dictionaries, Victorians often exchanged small “talking bouquets”, called nosegays or tussie – mussies, which could be worn or carried as a fashion accessory.” (Wikipedia)

Young Londoners know a thing or two about nosegays, let me tell you. Continue reading



My friend Aleksa recently asked me to join her and her brand House of Summer in a new project called Fashion Revolution. It is a global incentive to shed light on aspects of the fashion industry that are otherwise easily overlooked. Where do my clothes actually come from? Continue reading



Hello my darlings, happy Tuesday! How was your weekend? I had a pretty good one!

Before the real weekend could commence, Yours Truly was called upon for some filming biznizz. Now, we all know that I am no tattle tale and can hold my tongue when it comes to matters of discretion, so I will not give you the deets as to what exactly we were filming. However I’m sure that you, like me, have a good imagination and can fantasise wildly as to the story behind it. Could it be a Prison Drama? Sci-Fi? Jidaigeki?

I woke up early on Saturday and Continue reading

Indecent Exposure and Moon Planning


Lo and behold! There’s a new kid on the Notting Hill block, and it’s me! After 7 years in Chelsea I decided to shake it up a bit and move, and I can’t tell you how happy I am in my new crib. Well, I can actually, and I will – I am SO happy in my new crib. I’ve always loved NH, and every time I’ve moved, I’ve looked for places here but never found quite the right thing, until now. So like a nomad trekking through the desert, I trekked through Hyde Park, in an Uber, followed by a mountain of clothes and (un)necessary things that make up my life. After unpacking ball gowns, gilded swords and Japanese umbrellas, I felt like a little trip down Continue reading

Scary Street Stalker – A WARNING

1307539583739_7216138There’s a Scary Street Stalker in town, kids, and he means business. We shall refer to him as SSS.

How He Operates:

Follows girls around by foot or by Ferrari. Plagues them for phone numbers so he can then text-rape and harass them incessantly.

Where He Operates:

Mostly Knightsbridge, with the street just outside TopShop and Harrod’s being particular favorites. Occasional trips down King’s Road and Fulham Road. High Street Kensington. Last seen roaming around The Dorchester…. Continue reading

David Bailey at NPG

P1060788I was on my way to Shoreditch House for lunch with Nicky, one of my oldest friends in London, when she called and told me we’d been invited last minute for a private press view for the new David Bailey exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery. Did I wanna go? Hellz yeah! Nicky runs the hugely successful It’s Rude to Stare website, which always offers fun and cool tips about what to do and see in London, so I always trust her recommendations !

The exhibition, which opens tomorrow the 6th of February and runs until the 1st of June, is called Bailey’s Stardust. And Stardust there is… There are over 300 portraits (making this the biggest David Bailey exhibition ever) and the majority of photos are of celebs. Stars everywhere! Kings and Queens of glamour and decadence such as The Rolling Stones, Jerry Hall, Kate Moss, Jack Nicholson, Catherine Bailey, Jean Shrimpton… to name but a few. What strikes me about this exhibition is the extreme variety and width of his photography. Yes, in one room you see the glamorous celebrities, but in the next you are transported to the other side of the spectrum: pictures from the extreme 80’s famine in Africa made me shiver.

We took our time and wandered about talking and musing over the wonderful photography. Other members of the press took advantage of the fact that I gladly posed for pictures in front of the actual pictures… yep, you guessed it, it turned into a pose-a-ton. Afterwards, we headed over to Hotel Chocolat in Covent Garden for coffee… but who can say no to their delicious chocolate? We’re only human, after all!

“Bailey’s Stardust”

sponsored by Hugo Boss

6 February- 1 June 2014

National Portrait Gallery 

Full Price Tickets £16.00

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