Love To All of You



I would like to start this week off by reminding myself, and you, that all the tools for being the happiest, healthiest and most loving version of ourselves are readily available to each and everyone of us. Continue reading

My Secret Obsession


Being bored is one of the greatest sins. Or is it being boring? I think it’s being bored.

Don’t we always look for that one thing, that fix, that hit, that makes our pulse quicken, our heads tingle, our hearts yearn with desire… for these feelings are anything but boring. Let me tell you what does it for me. Continue reading

2on: Lips


What do we do when we can’t choose between two splendid options? Why, as Tinashe evidently knows; we get 2On, of course! The other day I was torn between the Femme Fatale red I so favor, and the Girly Pink I also so favor… Aight, smack it on! I really liked the result,  so you can expect a lot of this from now on.  #2on #imnottalkingaboutdrugs #imtalkingaboutlipstick

More pictures —>

Continue reading

Perfect Skin Season


Bad skin and I? We don’t mix. Ever. Wanna know one of my many, many, skincare secrets? Regular facials! Read on for YOUR SPECIAL OFFER on a QMS facial 🙂 

Yesterday, I went to a pretty fabulous facial. Below are pictures following the procedure kind of step by step. I normally don’t post this kind of selfish selfie cavalcade, but you know, in the interest of good skin, I’ll make an exception. There are absolutely no filters, no edits and NO MAKEUP in ANY of the photos Continue reading

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