Hats and Bikinis


I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with House of Summer – an online store with everything sun worthy, and Joanne Edwards Millinery – glorious and glamorous hats! What else do you need this summer season? More pictures here!

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Since I live in London full time, I try to avoid the tourist traps and places with crowds. I find that crowds just don’t go with my look, you know. However, a trip down to Soho is always a good idea if you feel up for the task. I make it sound like a crazy souk- it definitely isn’t- it’s just that I’d rather go places where I can avoid Oxford Street etc altogether. Me and Aleksa went to Carnaby street to stroll around- what’s fun here is the mix of people and the fun shops! If you’re a make up freak, like me, you’ll find the flagship stores of MAC, BeneFit, Illamasqua and Make Up Store, right here in the mix. In the BeneFit store, I found a little picture urging me to “Pose”. Ha ha, allow me to lol. Does it look like I need any encouragement in that department? I fear my posing is getting outta hand, but hopefully, you can handle it- it’s all innocent, so let’s not ruin it with false modesty.

Other stores I like in this area include the little crazy fancy dress shop  SoHigh Soho on Berwick Street. I also like AQ/AQ for stylish and affordable dresses and pantsuits, on 12 Fouberts Place, and please don’t get me started on the lingerie stores… We went to Joe’s for a coffee- if you haven’t been here I totally recommend it. It’s a chain with healthy juices, coffees and sandwiches that started in Denmark, with the excellent philosophy of only employing super hot men: totally tickles my fancy. We sat there, taking shelter from the rain, when suddenly they pump up the music really loud. A super cool girl next to us gets up and starts doing some elaborate breakdance/ choreography, and we’re like “Yeah you go, I can’t dance for shit, but I’ll watch you bust a move any day!”.  Ahhh London! Everyday can be whatever you make it! #awesome

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How To Not Look Like a Crocodile Birkin


I am a total beauty junkie- wild horses can’t stop me when I’m on a roll in the make up department! When I’m on holiday in the sun, my habits change slightly. First of all, I don’t like to wear a lot of make up (none during the days, little in the evenings). Above is a picture of some products I found myself loving this Christmas while vacating in St Barths. From left to right: Continue reading

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