Storhogna Högfjällshotell & Spa


I love snow.

Is it because one of my favorite colors is white? Oh yes – I do like this color of innocence and lost virtues. It resonates with me. Is it because it’s cold? While I’m not adverse to a bit of a chill, I’m not too crazy about the minus. No – it’s because of all the fun things it entails: Skiing. Dressing up. Dressing down. Skiing.

It was a long, long time ago since I traveled to the northern parts of Sweden. A sudden urge Continue reading

Snaps Around: Scotland

IMG_4660If you don’t already follow me on instagram you won’t know that I recently ran up to Scotland. My memory being rusty and all, I forgot to tell you all about it, so here it is!

I have many friends who have studied in Edinburgh, and for many years there was talk of a visit. But somehow, my Edinburgh friends always found themselves in London, like clockwork, every Saturday, turning up for the evening shift on the tables of Tramp and Cuckoo. Therefore, there was never much reason for me to migrate North. Because I don’t suppose you go there for the splendid nightlife?

No you don’t. What you DO go there for is the mind blowing beauty of the country. It’s just like you’d imagine – big plains of endless green and castles dangling courageously from rocky cliffs. And lot’s of whiskey. Whiiiis-kheeey…. the ravaging wind seems to whisper with every whip of it’s mighty force. The castle Continue reading

Recent Snaps around: St Barth’s


Here are some snaps that never made the cut for the more ‘aesthetically pleasing’ posts – a little pick a mix of selfies, parties, beaches etc around the island. Above: Toi là! Je t’aime! But you already knew that of course 😉 Continue reading

The View + Beach


Our last days together in St Barths, me and my bro’s enjoyed some sibling QT. We hung out at Shell Beach and had lunch at Do Brazil – this is a must on the island!

Afterwards, we went on to our special family spot. It has the best view of the harbor and it’s beautiful to watch the sunset here – go up to the lighthouse above Gustavia around 4-5 and watch the sunset. If you’re lucky Continue reading

Purple Haze

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 16.01.42

I feel tricked and betrayed – by my own memory. Last time I checked, I had a whole week left here in St Barth’s – apparently not so. I’m leaving tomorrow, back to London, and here I’ll share a few pictures my talented friend Agnes Fischer took – I love the ‘Purple Haze’ theme in these ones!  To find more of her work, head to her website

Don’t I wish I had a full time photographer following me around everyday? Beats any old selfie stick, that’s for sure… Continue reading

Recent Snaps around St Barths

DSC_0534Bojour tout le monde! Here are some recent snaps from around St Barth’s.

Before you scroll down to check it out, I’d just like to take this opportunity to express how happy and lucky I feel to be here on a normal family vacation with my brothers and my mother. Our grandparents started visiting this island almost 40 years ago, and since the year I was born, we have been coming at least once a year. It really is a pleasure and a privilege being able to spend time in this paradise with family and best friends from all over the world. We are all enjoying this time away from work immensely.

Two night’s ago, we went to Russel Simmon’s annual party at Eden Rock. Continue reading

NEW BLOG! the Alexicat is here!

DSC_0529Merry Christmas from the beaches of St Barths, dear friends! It is with a happy heart that I present you with this special Christmas gift – A New Blog! Yes! is now and this change is good good good. Just like me.

I know that all of you lovely, dirty, little scoundrels very much liked all the naughty (true) stories I was writing a while back in the Sextreme Echo category. I thought it would be  rude not to continue with these rude stories, so they will be back, with some added features…

I also know that sometimes, you guys like to know where to get fucked up where to go, what to do, how to do it and who to wear, while doing it. So I thought, instead of just writing about these dungeons places,  designers, restaurant’s etc, why not do some fun photo shoots together? I’ve been very fortunate to work with some great people recently, and these collaborations will continue into the new year. Lot’s of fun visuals coming your way, soon!

For those of you who wonder where the hell I’ve been, I can tell you now that my ‘leave of absence’ from writing here had to do with another big project I’m working on. Namely, my first novel! That’s right; yours truly has been working day and night on this Magnum Opus, and it like, totally, absolutely, utterly consumes me. I am now in the process of re-writing it, so hopefully it will be available in a book store/on a kindle near you soon. Positive thinking! Right?

So in the meantime, before you get your signed copy, there is always the Blawg! If you feel like you want more than the Blawg, I suggest you hit follow on Instagrind and Twitter (hell, why not!) for daily updates and lots of pictures.

That’s all for now then I guess. Over the next couple of days I will be tweaking around here, fixing this and that, making sure it’s all to your liking. Let me know what you think, what you’d like more of, etc etc!

Merry Christmas to all of you! Hope to see you here soon 🙂

xxx  AlexicatDSC_0724


Halloween Hair Video


Dont know what to do for Halloween? Here’s a link to a short video I threw together quickly just now. It’s a few clips I filmed while getting ready for last year’s Halloween Party – looking a little closer at how I got my hair done. It’s done up in a big bow, spray painted gold – my take on a modern, gilded Geisha, about to go raving. Perhaps it can give you some inspiration 🙂 Click the link above Xx A


Pigs and Crystals

IMG_1406The possibilities for what to do in London are infinite – especially when your long lost ball and chain has returned to town! Davida is back in London, and we decided to go somewhere  yesterday where we would be completely undisturbed, alone and incognito: Hackney City Farm (let’s go check out the pigs.) Our  intention really was to ogle the pigsty, but instead we ended up in a glorious little boutique selling vintage, jewellery, collectors items and made-to-measure one-off’s. I was trying on a couple of 1950’s ball gowns with matching turbans when a man came in carrying three military costumes and started singing opera – we were all immediately BFF’s and bonded over mutual love of pea cocking. That’s what I always say: you never know who you might meet, where your day might take you. Let the universe work it’s magic! Continue reading

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