Little Bud Flower Love


“The language of flowers, sometimes called floriography, is a means of cryptological communication through the use or arrangement of flowers. … Armed with floral dictionaries, Victorians often exchanged small “talking bouquets”, called nosegays or tussie – mussies, which could be worn or carried as a fashion accessory.” (Wikipedia)

Young Londoners know a thing or two about nosegays, let me tell you. Continue reading

2on: Lips


What do we do when we can’t choose between two splendid options? Why, as Tinashe evidently knows; we get 2On, of course! The other day I was torn between the Femme Fatale red I so favor, and the Girly Pink I also so favor… Aight, smack it on! I really liked the result,  so you can expect a lot of this from now on.  #2on #imnottalkingaboutdrugs #imtalkingaboutlipstick

More pictures —>

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Au Revoir St Barth’s



IMG_7325Thank you everyone for making this year’s Christmas and New Years celebration truly special. I was SO not ready to leave, but alas, duty calls. Back to rainy London! However, I  am of the firm belief that everyday can be amazing, regardless of where you are. Appreciate the moment, make the most of your day, do something fucked up something that makes you happy. Be productive. Be creative. Be grateful. Be happy in 2015. MANY fun and amazing things ahead:) Continue reading

Diamonds and Drinks with Theo Fennell


Hi, my name is Alexia, and I’m an addict. A jewellery addict.

My extreme obsession with jewellery, crystals and precious stones is something that most people who know me are well aware of – you will rarely see me without any jewellery, and being a wannabe witch and all, my bra (yes, my bra) is always filled with crystals of different magical properties. I have a genuine interest in the use of different stones and I am of the firm belief that there is no greater investment than jewellery (other than memories, of course). Simple gal, simple pleasures.

Therefore, it was a great honor to be invited to a little private soiree with Theo Fennell last night, hosted by my own dear cousin Louise. The Fennell is probably one of the most iconic jewellery designers around today, and getting a chance to look “behind the scenes” Continue reading

Recent Snaps around London Town

IMG_7483Here are some recents snaps from some recent shenanigans around London Town. Let’s keep this short and simple.

Above and straight below, you see me gallivanting around the Rick Owens party during London Fashion Week. The party was held in the garage beneath Selfridges, and obviously Continue reading

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