Drugs on the first Date

MjAxMy1hYjgxMTE0OTAwZDRkZDczI have a friend who has a friend, who was spending some time in LA. He had been kind of disappointed by the lack of potential boyfriend material- where were the glamorous Hollywood guys he had been promised!? He wanted to find that perfect guy, ASAP!

Then one day, it happened. It was a true Hollywood story- He: A dark, Spanish Heir, all European delicacy and class. He: A Clark Kent with an Ivy League background and a name to be reckoned with in La-La Land- just the right shade of Rich and Famous.

They met at a dinner party at a mutual friends house and bonded over wheatgrass shots and raw vegetables. Perhaps this was the Dude he had been looking for? Wedding bells tolled in the mind of the Heir, as Clark Kent asked him out on a date, and he started to get nervous. Like, really, bloody, fucking, nervous. Like, Girl, Interrupted, nervous. What was he to do?

After consulting his most LA-chic friend Continue reading

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