Hats and Bikinis


I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with House of Summer – an online store with everything sun worthy, and Joanne Edwards Millinery – glorious and glamorous hats! What else do you need this summer season? More pictures here!

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My Secret Obsession


Being bored is one of the greatest sins. Or is it being boring? I think it’s being bored.

Don’t we always look for that one thing, that fix, that hit, that makes our pulse quicken, our heads tingle, our hearts yearn with desire… for these feelings are anything but boring. Let me tell you what does it for me. Continue reading

Diamonds and Drinks with Theo Fennell


Hi, my name is Alexia, and I’m an addict. A jewellery addict.

My extreme obsession with jewellery, crystals and precious stones is something that most people who know me are well aware of – you will rarely see me without any jewellery, and being a wannabe witch and all, my bra (yes, my bra) is always filled with crystals of different magical properties. I have a genuine interest in the use of different stones and I am of the firm belief that there is no greater investment than jewellery (other than memories, of course). Simple gal, simple pleasures.

Therefore, it was a great honor to be invited to a little private soiree with Theo Fennell last night, hosted by my own dear cousin Louise. The Fennell is probably one of the most iconic jewellery designers around today, and getting a chance to look “behind the scenes” Continue reading

Tessa Packard Press Release

image-9I find complaining about the weather utterly pointless. Ok- I get it- it rains a lot. But it’s bloody London you know, and if you can’t deal- move! Above is a rain-selfie of me, being fully content despite the awful weather today. I was once talking to a guy about the London weather, and he seemed so upset about it, like whoa man, relax. He kept complaining about London, how boring it was bla bla bla, and eventually I snapped at him with a quote by British author Samuel Johnson

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of Life.”

The man gave me a look of utter mortification, and I hastened to explain that, haha, it was just a quote. A friend of mine later told me that he was seriously depressed, and had tried to commit suicide that same week…. Oops. He is fine today, but at the time, it made me feel bad that I’d brought his mind back to this sinister subject that obviously wouldn’t leave him alone. From then on, my quotes (at least in public) are of a more positive and vague nature. One person who is, arguably, a living quote machine in this category is of course, Pitbull. If you can’t think of anything actually clever to say, just do like him and say/shout the name of a few cities followed by “Mr Worldwide!” WAY better crowd pleaser than Samuel Johnson.  On a serious note though… I wonder what would happen if Pitbull lost his passport? His career would be over.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 20.49.35Anyway, enough of Pitbull, let’s talk about something more attractive. Last night, I got invited to the press release for jewellery designer Tessa Packard’s latest collection. The collection is called “No Smoke Without Flowers” and is inspired by the Opium dens and the glamour of the courtesans who frequented them. Before I headed over (the event was held in the aptly named “Opium” in China Town!) I checked out her website and I understood immediately that this was jewellery according to my own tastes…. did someone say old school glamour? The pieces evoke a kind of sensual, decadent feeling… statement pieces in lovely colours of blue, green and orange made of 18ct gold, diamonds, lapis lazuli and sapphires, to name a few, and prices range from just above £100 to £10 000.  I especially liked the green earrings… and I also had my eye on the black cufflinks for men- I find it so hard to buy nice gifts for men these days. What do I give the guys who have everything? Yes, my guy friends are extremely spoiled… but these cufflinks would look good on all of them, I’m sure. Something to keep in mind for coming birthdays.

For more information and to shop the collection, head to



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Me and Tessa Packard

P1060512 P1060516 P1060526

Jewellery, Fur and Champagne


Velvet and fur makes AlexiCat purr. There are a few things in life that are sure to make me very happy. In the last day, I’ve been fortunate enough to indulge excessively in three of them: champagne, fur and jewels. Oh yes, I know what you’re thinking: can you be any more cliche? I can actually, but what would be the fun of telling you about all of my weaknesses in one post? There’d be no reason for you to come back.

Last night, fashionistas of Chelsea gathered at the store RTister on Duke of York Square to meet the designer of new jewellery line Arsha Jewellery. The Central Saint Martins educated designer, Areezo (pictured below with me), talked me through her idea behind the collection. The name Arsha means “treasure” in Farsi, and it really is a suitable name! Her pieces are exquisitely handcrafted pieces made of 18k gold, silk and semi precious stones. Way to go girl! By the way, if you’re around Sloane Square, you should pop by RTister to check out all of their stuff- they specialise in up and coming designers, and they mix it with well known brands such as Sass & Bide (we all know I’m a fan from my last post ) They also stock Chartwell and G, the maker of the fabulous tunics and dresses I’ve been wearing in St Barths these last couple of weeks. Do yourself a fabulous favour, and check it out.

P1050893 P1050900 P1050901 P1050903 P1050904 P1050909 P1050910 P1050916 P1050919P1050937P1050966P1060038

Butler & Wilson


This weekend I had two of my best friends over from Sweden, Norna and Elisabeth. We had such an amazing weekend, with lots of partying, shopping and laughing. Gathered lots of good material for Extreme Echo… So stay tuned!

I took the girls to Butler & Wilson on Fulham Road; it’s such a fun store. Completely OTT and blinged out! Needless to say, I love it. They have really unique jewellery in all shapes and sizes, and they’re totally affordable. I have loads of stuff from here! After that,we went to Winter Wonderland which I also love, but there were too many people there this weekend as it just opened for the season. I hate big crowds (unless it’s an awesome party, concert, rave…) and this most certainly wasn’t an awesome party; we evacuated quickly to do some more shopping.







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