My friend Aleksa recently asked me to join her and her brand House of Summer in a new project called Fashion Revolution. It is a global incentive to shed light on aspects of the fashion industry that are otherwise easily overlooked. Where do my clothes actually come from? Continue reading

Sample Sale Rules

IMG_9865Sample Sale; a promise akin to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – the Fashion Rainbow, that is. It is where you can score couture for humane prices, it is where ‘stress induced shopping fracture’ is applicable as well as Fashion FoMo. It is also a place where girls (myself included) are happy to stand in a room full of strangers wearing only a thong, because that £300 bikini is now down to £30, and in the world of Sample Sales, there’s not really room for fitting rooms. Who needs those anyway? We’re all here with a mutual goal – to score. A sample sale is also the place where the untrained shopper ends up buying loads of ugly designer shit that you never use, just because the markdown was so extreme. To avoid mistakes like that, here are some easy rules to follow:

1. Try to not get too stressed by the hectic vibe around you. The one I went to today Continue reading

Perfect Skin Season


Bad skin and I? We don’t mix. Ever. Wanna know one of my many, many, skincare secrets? Regular facials! Read on for YOUR SPECIAL OFFER on a QMS facial 🙂 

Yesterday, I went to a pretty fabulous facial. Below are pictures following the procedure kind of step by step. I normally don’t post this kind of selfish selfie cavalcade, but you know, in the interest of good skin, I’ll make an exception. There are absolutely no filters, no edits and NO MAKEUP in ANY of the photos Continue reading

The Box Boutique Store Opening

P1060683The Box Boutique is a super cool concept store that are now doing a pop up shop in Chelsea, just off Walton Street (they have another boutique on Maddox Street in Mayfair). Perfect! So let’s Continue reading



I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. I only believe in pleasures. So please, allow this blog to be a little bit of pleasure for you – no guilt attached.

My name is Alexia Bergstrom but some of my friends call me Alexicat. Most of the time I am a writer, but I have been known to dabble in the ol’ music, TV, film and fashion and all that. Born in Sweden, based in London,  occasionally gallivanting around the Globe.  I have an extraordinary knack for being lucky. I also have a knack for meeting interesting people with interesting stories – some of which end up in the Sextreme Echo category. Some of which are more or less Not Safe For Work. Naaah, I’m just kidding! I’m totally suitable. Just don’t look at the nude pictures though.

What else can I tell you of interest? I love exploring new places, people, ideas, fashion and literature and I’d like to share all of this with You. So have a look around and please tell me what you think in the comments below or on the posts.

If you want more daily updates and to see more pictures, some of which I don’t post here on the blog, hit follow on Instagrind and Twitter. One might as well, right? It’s all @alexiabergstrom

Now trot along You, my fabulous new friend, and don’t forget – Today is the Best Day Ever. Why not ‘Break the monotony. Do something Strange and Extravagant!’ ? 🙂

Xx the Alexicat

The Photo above and on the header of this website are from a shoot titled ‘Alexicat’s afternoon scribbles at the Blakes Hotel’

They were shot at  Blakes Hotel in London, a hotel I warmly recommend. www.blakeshotels.com

Photographed by Anna Martensson www.annamartensson.com

Make up by Daniel Sallstrom

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