Hats and Bikinis


I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with House of Summer – an online store with everything sun worthy, and Joanne Edwards Millinery – glorious and glamorous hats! What else do you need this summer season? More pictures here!

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NEW BLOG! the Alexicat is here!

DSC_0529Merry Christmas from the beaches of St Barths, dear friends! It is with a happy heart that I present you with this special Christmas gift – A New Blog! Yes! http://www.alexiabergstrom.com is now www.theAlexicat.com and this change is good good good. Just like me.

I know that all of you lovely, dirty, little scoundrels very much liked all the naughty (true) stories I was writing a while back in the Sextreme Echo category. I thought it would be  rude not to continue with these rude stories, so they will be back, with some added features…

I also know that sometimes, you guys like to know where to get fucked up where to go, what to do, how to do it and who to wear, while doing it. So I thought, instead of just writing about these dungeons places,  designers, restaurant’s etc, why not do some fun photo shoots together? I’ve been very fortunate to work with some great people recently, and these collaborations will continue into the new year. Lot’s of fun visuals coming your way, soon!

For those of you who wonder where the hell I’ve been, I can tell you now that my ‘leave of absence’ from writing here had to do with another big project I’m working on. Namely, my first novel! That’s right; yours truly has been working day and night on this Magnum Opus, and it like, totally, absolutely, utterly consumes me. I am now in the process of re-writing it, so hopefully it will be available in a book store/on a kindle near you soon. Positive thinking! Right?

So in the meantime, before you get your signed copy, there is always the Blawg! If you feel like you want more than the Blawg, I suggest you hit follow on Instagrind and Twitter (hell, why not!) for daily updates and lots of pictures.

That’s all for now then I guess. Over the next couple of days I will be tweaking around here, fixing this and that, making sure it’s all to your liking. Let me know what you think, what you’d like more of, etc etc!

Merry Christmas to all of you! Hope to see you here soon 🙂

xxx  AlexicatDSC_0724


Tanning, Saline and Eden Rock


The island feels a lot calmer now that many people left. I don’t know how to feel about this- on the one hand, it is already making me melancholic and missing all the fun we’ve had in the last weeks, and on the other… It’s nice to just chill a little before heading back to London. Yesterday, we went to Saline early in the morning and I got my tan on, fah realz! Ok- I know what my friends back home are thinking- but you don’t tan!  All right, all right… So sue me, if getting excited about an extra shot of espresso in my glass of milk is a crime! One Latte Macchiato, s’il vous plait!

After Saline, we headed for lunch at Eden Rock. I ordered lots of delicious tuna tataki and Mahi Mahi tartar (the local fish) while Fredrik went for the, exquisitly branded, Fish Burger. Note the popcorn being served as a little snack- who’d have thought it went so well with Rose? I wore a tunic by new and exciting label Chartwell and G- they make resort wear an art, with their intricate details and use of only the finest silk. Roman Abramovich sat at the table next to us, as did my fellow Swedish blonde Victoria Silvstedt- gorgeous as always!

Now if you’ll excuse me- I only have two more days left here, so I need to get back to my Barista, I mean tanning duties. 


“Take a picture of me when I jump!” Yeah, that happens. A lot. 

P1040676P1040753 P1040862


Nudists on the beach. Each to their own, I guess!


P1040894P1040905 P1040912 P1040931 P1040951IMG_3959P1040988P1040954P1050015 P1050036 P1050041P1050050 P1050055 P1050058

Barbie Hiking and Shell Beach


Decided to go on a mini hike, Barbie style. Very good, in case the coast guard would have to rescue me: Hey over here! I’m the fluorescent European idiot who cant find my way back to the beach! But fret not, sweet readers, no such thing occurred- in fact, we got back so safely, we decided to head to Do Brazil. It’s a really great restaurant situated just by Shell Beach. When I was a kid, Shell Beach was made entirely out of shells- there is a cool picture of Claudia Schiffer by Patrick Demarchelier, naked on this beach, if you care to Google it. Now there are some shells there, but they have to refill the beach every once in a while in order to live up to the name. Speaking of Brazilians- I bumped into some Brazilian friends here the other day. I love it that I run into friends from all over the world on this island (but of course mostly New Yorkers. I love New York boys!)

So, do you know that this island used to be Swedish? For almost a hundred years, we were the bawses of this place. But of course, we couldn’t handle it, and had to give it back to the French… Can you imagine what the island would have been like, had it remained Scandi? I imagine it would’ve been the  touristy, meet- balled, Croc-ified shame of the West Indies. The island isn’t even big enough for an IKEA, for crying out loud! The Swedish legacy lives on here, in little quirky ways such as the names of the streets, and some Swedish memorabilia here and there. And of course, there is a small Viking invasion each year 😉

P1040448 P1040449 P1040453 P1040484 P1040487P1040489P1040492


Getting rid of some inexplicable male anger… by throwing rocks.



My bro’s are not as skilled as taking selfies as I am. But they’re learning!



P1040532 P1040550P1040574P1040580P1040561 P1040562P1040563 P1040564 P1040565 P1040571 P1040573P1040582

A Beach and a Witch



Last night we stayed in and chilled at the house. I took a sleeping pill so I would fall asleep earlier, but it was hard… I’ve been out almost every night now, and last nights plan to detox hit me like a slap in the face. I dreamt weird dreams all night, and didn’t get much sleep… Is this my body’s way of telling me that I should not start the detox quite yet? I’ll sleep when I’m dead? Anyway, I feel the best cure for any ailment is to just go to the ocean! My little Pisces heart grows calm when I’m close to it.

Speaking of star signs, have your read your monthly horoscope yet? I’m hopelessly addicted to it, and I’m deeply interested in astrology. I usually read Susan Miller’s from http://www.astrologyzone.com and I find them very accurate. I just read my January forecast and it looks like I’ll be having an amazing month, with lots of romance! How delightful! If I lived in medieval times, I might have been a witch. This summer, I found a “witch camp” in Sweden, that I tried to persuade my friend to go to with me… Perhaps we’ll forgo our visit to South of France this summer, and join a Witch Cult in the woods of Sweden instead?

Anyway, today I went to Colombier with my brothers. The house you see on top of the hill, was built by David Rockefeller in the 50’s, long before the island became a popular destination for jet-set and celebrities. It is so secluded, it is almost impossible to get to… Maybe one day I’ll manage a hike up there. As far as I know, no one lives there now. Squatters rights, anyone?


P1030836 P1030837 P1030866P1030867 P1030872 P1030890 P1030904

Hiking like a Viking


Now this here folks, shouldn’t be done with a hangover; yet it is! Get rid of those nasty toxins and go for a damn hike, lazy! Colombier is a very secluded beach on St Barth’s and can only be reached via boat or by walking up/down some very rocky cliffs. Today, we decided to skip the tanning session on the little beach here and instead hike up the mountain. We do this several times a year, cause we just love taking photos of us being “active” sweating. There is a trail all the way to the top, and usually we only bump into very active Americans with backpacks and sunglasses with senile strings around the neck. But today we met a total Old Diig: a Brit who seemed kinda lost on this trail with his glamour model girlfriend. We chatted for a while, then he followed his girlfriends huuuuuuuuge boobs to the beach.


P1020086Turtles are everywhere on this island!

P1020088P1020139 P1020141






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