P1070506A rare case of Glorious Weather hit the town this weekend, after storms and other meteorological nonsense had us all quite fed up. We walked around Chelsea, bumping into friends and folks everywhere. We parked ourselves at CocoMaya, a super cute cafe close to Sloane Square, and later at Bumpkin on Old Brompton Road, to gossip the afternoon away. Because isn’t that what Sundays are all about? Re-capping the thrilling events of the weekend? I love sitting in places like these and then if you take a look around, you realise you’re surrounded by other girls all doing the same thing… talking about boys, bitches and beauty. Girls!

I ended my weekend in the best possible way- dinner with two of my favourite NYC boys, Morris and Dave, at the notoriously excellent restaurant Scott’s on Mount Street. Absolutely delicious! Just like our conversation 😉 Having a really good Sunday kinda sets you up much nicer for the rest of the week, don’t you think? Now, let”s finish this Fashion week like we mean it! Xx

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