Not long ago, a bunch of likeminded hooligans and me set off on a road trip to the seaside. I welcome thee, to Bosham! This is a little seaside village in Sussex and when I say village, I mean like, Bilbo Baggins – Shire – Village. It is the cutest place I’ve ever seen! A most treasured friend of mine invited us to come along to his summerhouse down here and we had the most amazing time!

Here was the recipe for our weekend:

1 Yoga Bunny

1 Persian Elvis

1 Princely Hippie

1 American Globetrotter

1 Professor Shaydee

1  Peruvian Juanderchild

and 1 Alexicat


When blended together, these seven components proved a potent mix. Like any mad scientist knows, the key to getting results is to blend the various elements so that the outcome is just so. One morsel too much may tip the balance over the scale, and one fraction too little may leave you just shy of success.

So that’s what a mad scientist knows. Us mere mortals, who dabble blindfolded in our quest to find the key to Alchemy, we know not these precious guidelines. Our only rule of thumb is One might as well with a sturdy hint of more is more.

That’s a recipe that, if handled without care, could result in an explosion. But nothing of the kind happened – oh no. Not even a sexplosion, for that matter, despite the semi-nude appearance of our evening.

Bosham is far removed from my habitual Espresso Martini’s at the art deco bar of Loulou’s, so what to do when the urge for one makes itself known? Why, we make our own of course!

Me and Persian Elvis set off for the gas station in a quest for Kahlúa. Behind the counter stood a youngling defenceless to my charms, despite the rather stale argument that “We don’t sell alcohol here.” 

Let it be said that the youngling was wearing a name tag on his shirt.

‘Hello — Giovi!’ Said I. ‘How are you tonight?’

‘Eh – errrm….ehhh… You know my name? How do you know my name!?  Who – who –  OH MY GOD! It’s You! Didn’t we go to High School together!?’ came Giovi’s bewildered reply.

“Yes, Giovi, yes!’

‘You’re name is Helen, right?’

‘That’s right, Giovi.’

‘Wow, you look so different.’ He said, searching my face for clues of Helen.

‘Yes, Giovi. Puberty happened.’

‘Right, sure.’ He stutters.

‘In all fairness, I didn’t think you’d remember me.’

‘Oh – I uhm – erm…’

“I need you to know that I always remembered you. Now how about that Kahlúa?”

I will leave you to speculate as to our success with Giovi that night, but I will tell you this: Bosham Ballerz will be reunited again soon.






Corey freestylin’






BBQ by the water




Ah, the tranquility!




Someone brought a selfie stick. Genius! Pure genius!




Truth or Dare





Second day weather wasn’t too impressive, but a stroll through Shire was wonderful nonetheless


DSC_0209 (1)DSC_0213DSC_0243


Look at this village! Too adorable.




Boris Bikes? Hell No! Boshum’s all about Boats.




A little, little, Hinkon, always big, big fun!