Who said fairytale creatures don’t exist in real life? This last Friday, they existed very much at Boneca’s party at Grosvenor House. We started our evening at Rowdy Riley’s place in Notting Hill – gathering unicorns, cows and cowboys to name a few of the mythical beings we encountered that evening. The theme of the party was Burning Man, so you can imagine… very inspirational, for a dress up lover like myself. I opted for the subtle look of, well, fallen angel I suppose. Lee Burridge played at the party, and we stayed until very very late of course, finishing the evening, as one does, with a few after parties. When in London!

After these tiring shenanigans, we recuperated the day after with lunch at Cecconi’s and a chilled afternoon in the courtyard of new, super cool hotel Chiltern Firehouse. Highly recommended. Xx A


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Glitter face paint? But of course!

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Morning over Chelsea bridge

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