I love snow.

Is it because one of my favorite colors is white? Oh yes – I do like this color of innocence and lost virtues. It resonates with me. Is it because it’s cold? While I’m not adverse to a bit of a chill, I’m not too crazy about the minus. No – it’s because of all the fun things it entails: Skiing. Dressing up. Dressing down. Skiing.

It was a long, long time ago since I traveled to the northern parts of Sweden. A sudden urge told me that now was the time, and when the ol’ urge sets in, there is little point in struggling: North it was! I took the 5.5 hour train ride from Stockholm up to Östersund, where a taxi took me to Storhogna  Högfjällshotell & Spa. Since I was only staying here two short nights with an early morning train back on Sunday, I didn’t experience the full – on Swedish ski weekend. But fret not, dear reader! Don’t you worry! I got my hit, my snow hit, through the lesser art of the långfärdsskidor: touring skates. For those of you who don’t know, this is basically walking. On skis. I will not lie – I enjoyed it immensely. Yes – it’s fun. Because it’s so…flat.

We skied out on the track to the little hut belonging to the hotel about an hours way from starting point. Here we were greeted by men who could only be described as jovial – we became immediate friends. If you hadn’t already noticed, I’m wearing a little bandage on my right thumb. When the Jovial Men asked me what had happened (Is it because you’ve been too happy? Giving people the thumbs up too much?) I explained to them about a manicure related injury. They expressed their concern – though I detected sarcasm – but concluded that this must have given me great material for my blog? By Jove! These men are not only Jovial, but Alexikitties too!? Or was my ‘diamond’ studded hat, blow – dry and LV scarf enough to blow my cover as incognito – down to earth – långfärdsskids kvinna? Do I so radiate with the unmistakable air of une blogueuse?

After trekking back through a snow storm, the Spa beckoned. After an hour or so in a jacuzzi, followed by a sauna sesh, I looked like a scorched farm-cat and could thereafter relax and take in the atmosphere. And write this. Dinner was served in the ‘Winter Garden’ by none other than one of the Jovial Men! Oh, sweet reunion! Is this like one of those hotels where one person performs every single task? Will I see him for my pedicure? Will he lead the Yoga in the gym? Will he drive our taxi back to the station? I just told him I’m writing a blog post. He told me to tell you he says ‘Hi’!

This was a fun little excursion from Stockholm and it was a nice prep for another ski – trip I (hopefully) have coming up… But more on that when the time is right. Now I gotta go and set some records straight with a Jovial Man.

Xx Alexicat

IMG_8790Arrived with a light touch of luggage

IMG_8816IMG_8884Winter nights


The pictures (taken with my iPhone! I forgot my camera in London!) don’t do the light justice – it was incredibly beautiful to watch as the sunset turned the sky every nuance of red, purple, pink and blue


Confession: I have a weakness for trashy 80’s rom – glam novels. I’m only human. Found this in the hotel library! Score.


In the hotel, the Winter Garden by day, me wearing some sexy socks.


In the hut, bivkering and bantering with the Jovial Men

IMG_9061IMG_9083IMG_9091IMG_9121 2IMG_9122IMG_9131 2

Spa time, makes me happy.

IMG_9140 2IMG_9142