To my hometown, for a little quickie.

One way of re-discovering your city is to check into a hotel.  Stockholm is a town that I have often struggled to feel inspired by, yet this time, I sang a different tune. I checked into one of the city’s best hotels, Hotel Diplomat, and this positively changed everything! I managed to time my stay in Stocktown with fashion week, so it was no surprise that I collided with Swedish fashion guru Sofi Fahrman in the lobby and at the breakfast buffet – she also chooses Diplomat as a crash pad while in town. Industry people milling about, and me placed promptly in one of the cozy green couches in the lounge area, working on some new stories for ya’ll. Taking care of bizznizz. This proved to be a good, central spot for holding a little court, in terms of socializing. There was no trouble luring friends to come along to share the new Tea Tox experience with me – a healthier afternoon tea alternative. I am a sucker for Green juices and shots, so I was knocking ’em back in between nibbles of scones, smoked salmon sandwiches and “healthy” chocolate treats. Delish!

Of course, Diamonds and Fur makes Alexicat purr, so I stuck to those simple guidelines for the wardrobe essentials here – and thank goodness for the snow! I didn’t realize how much I’d missed this rough weather – blizzard, more like. Every once in a while, a gal needs to don a pair of sturdy winter boots and coat to know she’s, well, not walking on thin ice. I swished over the river to Fotografiska Museet – one of my favorite museums here, which currently holds a fantastic exhibition by legendary  photographer Herb Ritts. So many of the images evoke memories with me – regardless of your interest or knowledge in fashion or photography, his iconic work will surely do the same to you. Also on show is work by Adi Nes and Jimmy Nelson – don’t miss!

I’m often asked where to go – what to do – who to see in Stockholm, but I will leave the (s)Extensive Guide to Stockholm for now. Suffice to say, during my quick stay this time, I had a wonderful dinner at Teatergrillen, an old favorite. Be sure to book well in advance! And bring your wallet 😉

So about that snow… I actually don’t think I’ve had quite enough… How about heading North? To be continued.

Xx Alexicat


A sweet welcome

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 21.18.49The Stockholm weather did not comply as I was taking a picture of the hotel, so I borrowed this from Hotel Diplomat’s website. This was indeed not what the weather looked like this week.


Be sure to head to Fotografiska for the Herb Ritts exhibition


Tea Tox!! I’m a sucker for a green shot. Keep ’em coming!


Dinner at Teatergrillen


Caught in the act – double desserts


Good night


Good morning: 5.30 am Gym sesh, why not

IMG_8753IMG_8758IMG_8773IMG_8774On the train North! See you on the other side 😉