P1080979Last week, I found myself busy as a Queen Bee. I’ve been doing a course at the Faber & Faber academy, taught by Louise Doughty, with whom I’m posing with above. Louise’s latest book is called Apple Tree Yard and it’s a brilliantly tense psychological thriller that I highly recommend. The course I did is called “Start your Novel in a Week” and I think you can guess what it’s all about. Yes, my darlings, Yours Truly has been honing her skills and gearing up for the grand adventure of writing a novel. Writing a book is a quite daunting task- it feels kind of like standing at the bottom of a mountain, knowing you have to climb it all by yourself. But I’m very excited for this and I think if you like my blog, you’re going to love this naughty and fun little story I’ve come up with… Now I gotta go and get started, this story won’t write itself! Xx A

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