If you haven’t already met her, say hello to Miss Gadd! Gabriella is one of my besties from my thug years at boarding school, and she just moved to London, after a million years in (S)Exeter. Thus far, miss Gadd’s knowledge of London reaches no further than Chelsea and hanging out with the Elephant Man at King’s College. So like a girl scout, I donned my cape and headed to meet her at Southbank.

It’s really nice to walk around here on the weekends- me being a book nerd and all, I always love the little book market under the bridge. Today, I bought a riveting coffee table book about German Sex Fetisches, specialising in latex. Charming! And all for the price of £5. Gabriella was looking for a book to give to Daddy Gadd for his birthday, and while she browsed the Winston Churchill section, I kept nudging her with titles such as “Famous Prostitutes throughout History” and “Monster Sex”. No? Ok, moving on.

The food market is a must – loads of little stalls selling everything from cheese imported from France, delicious chocolates and pastries and barbecues and all types of foods. If you want to perv on “kooky-young-street-youths”, Southbank is a great place – tons of very talented Sk8r Boyz show-off their tricks under the graffiti’d bridge. Perhaps I should’ve tried to pull some skater tricks myself – I imagine the effect of the cape blowing in the wind would be quite dramatic. It would also be excellent for cushioning my fall.

Check out the Real Food Festival for more info on the market.

IMG_0862 IMG_0871 IMG_0900 IMG_0904 IMG_0905 IMG_0906 IMG_0916 IMG_0920 IMG_0922 IMG_0928 IMG_0934


These Sk8er Boyz are cool


Damn it Southbank, you asked for it. Not sure mine are particularly child friendly.

IMG_0969 IMG_0983 IMG_1013

I’m guessing I was having a Shakespeare moment.


Didn’t realise I was walking around with Michael Jackson. Whats up with the hat pulled down over the eyes?

IMG_1049 IMG_1100 IMG_1149

Beautiful lights and view over the thames and the Big Ben. How very London!

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