Work on yourself, they said. It’ll be good, they said.

Whaddya mean “good”? Was there ever a more vanilla word? I’m not talking about the weather for Christs sake, I’m talking about spiritual wellbeing.

Self progress is sometimes touted as an airy fairy fluffy alternative solution to everything thats “wrong” with you (newsflash – there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re perfect.) In the landscape of mindfullness, it’s all happy flowers and rainbows, right?

Oftentimes, chaos, turmoil and discomfort are side effects of this relentless look into ourselves. Upgrades can be kinda painful. And I’m not talking abou0t upgrades on your phone network, although they can be rather brutal too. No, I mean self-growth and all that jazz. That stuff can be painful. So why bother?

‘Can you write about how soul work is relentless, please?’

My GFF – Godess Friend Forever – Megan snivelled down the line. Well, my dear one, ask and ye shall receive.

Megan is a real soul connection of mine. Her wisdom, honesty and boundless love has been an inspiration to me over the past couple of months and every time I talk to her, I feel a little bit more like myself. Our mutual interest in personal growth and, well, magic, has spun revelatory conversations between us and we’ve basically been each others rocks. (Side note; can I be a diamond, please?)

Yes, girl; soul work is relentless. Because it requires you to visit the corners of yourself that are dark and unpleasant. Whereas before, we could numb those corners with external stimulants, soul work requires straight up truthfulness to yourself. Do you know the feeling just before you’re about to do something unfamiliar or scary? How it can feel as idf you’re about to throw yourself off a ledge? That’s what it is, and you don’t get no bloody parachute. Freefalling baby. You might crash land, or you might crash into something great. Either way, you crash into something new and that in turn, will probably elevate you in the long run.

What even is soul work? I;I’m not talking about soul-purpose; I’m talking about soul work as in, tuning yourself into the things, people and feelings that make you feel most like yourself. It’s knowing what tools you have to help put you into the frequency wherein you resonate to the clearer tune of your souls purpose. Simply put – identifying what makes you feel harmonious. Likewise, identifying what causes disharmony for you and attempting to forgive and release this “trouble” or obstacle. Because I believe you hold your Kingdom/ Queendom within you. All your tools are there, you just gotta polish them up a bit from time to time.

I know. Sometimes, facing what we fear feels like pouring salt into a wound. If it stings, surely it can’t be good? Well, whats the alternative? Not facing the problem and putting your head in the sand? That tactic only works for so long, cause after a while, you’ll suffocate. So better hold your head up high. Sure, things might be uncomfortable; higher altitudes can cause nausea, dizziness. But after a while, you’ll adapt to the pressure on this level and lo and behold, you just up-levelled.

But here’s where it gets relentless. Once you’ve up-levelled, you gotta take aim at the next level. Cause once you plateau, or hit a ceiling, you’ve got to bring out the bulldozer and crumble that next ceiling. And the one after that. And the one after that. That’s how we keep evolving. To avoid standing still, you must be willing to go where you haven’t been before.

Because this is the catch – it never gets easier. There will always be obstacles to overcome, problems, issues, excuses, blah blah blah. It can feel a bit like “whats the fucking point?? This is painful! What’s the lesson, do I really need to g through all this to learn it?

I think by learning to view the process with love and greater kindness to yourself (and your missteps along the way) the development becomes a curious ride into yourself. Perhaps every time it feels tough, is the real blessing. The tough part might be your fist smashing that ceiling. It hurts for a bit, but the whole situation on the next floor is gonna be better than the cellar you’re currently hiding in. So get them knuckle dusters on, sweetheart. (Again, can my knuckle dusters have diamonds please?)

Naturally, I am not here to lecture you on any of my virtues. I just wanted to remind you that nothing normal ever changed a damned thing, my darling.