IMG_4660If you don’t already follow me on instagram you won’t know that I recently ran up to Scotland. My memory being rusty and all, I forgot to tell you all about it, so here it is!

I have many friends who have studied in Edinburgh, and for many years there was talk of a visit. But somehow, my Edinburgh friends always found themselves in London, like clockwork, every Saturday, turning up for the evening shift on the tables of Tramp and Cuckoo. Therefore, there was never much reason for me to migrate North. Because I don’t suppose you go there for the splendid nightlife?

No you don’t. What you DO go there for is the mind blowing beauty of the country. It’s just like you’d imagine – big plains of endless green and castles dangling courageously from rocky cliffs. And lot’s of whiskey. Whiiiis-kheeey…. the ravaging wind seems to whisper with every whip of it’s mighty force. The castle above, Dunnottar Castle, is a great example of aforementioned cliff-dangler, where I’m sure lot’s of whiskey was consumed in it’s heyday, or in the days when Mel Gibson filmed the movie ‘Hamlet’ here. ‘Though this be madness, yet there be method in it!’ Yes, Mel! A method! Whiskey! By the barrel, methinks!

My visit this time took me to Aberdeen. If you come up here, make sure to visit Macdonald Pittodrie House Hotel – it’s a 4 star hotel situated in the middle of that glorious Scottish nature and it’s just beautiful! In the summer, you can go golfing, riding, fishing, shooting,  whiskey-ing. During winter, it provides an excellent backdrop for all Santa-related activities. And whiskey-ing.

For excellent healthy food and cosy breakfast-lunch-dinner, head to The Foodstory Cafe. Great atmosphere and very vegetarian/vegan friendly! They should open one in London, I think.

I would love to explore more of Scotland, perhaps this summer when it’s not freezing? I know I shouldn’t complain about the cold, being Swedish and all… in fact, the countryside here really reminded me of the south of Sweden! Crisp weather, beautiful scenery and majestic castles, everywhere!  Fantastic.


The view from a room inside Dunnottar Castle


Went to the Aberdeen Art Gallery, found this gorgeous Tracy Emin neon piece.

I felt you and I knew you loved me x


At the shore of Cullen. Try the Cullenskink – it’s a local recipe, a soup made with haddock.

Tastes way better than the name sounds!

IMG_4637IMG_4624IMG_4607IMG_4631We went to  Macdonald Pittodrie House Hotel in the middle of a snowstorm.

Perfect to cozy up inside with tea in front of the fireplace and the Christmas tree!