IMG_2469I found a dead shark on the beach and I played loads of tennis.

Since my time here in Florida has had some pretty strong resemblances to a serious Sports Camp, I’ve started every (early) morning with a walk or run on the beach. The last time I was here, three years ago, I found a message in a bottle. As in, an actual letter in a bottle that someone had thrown in the ocean, from far far away. This time, my unusual finding carried a slightly more sinister note; traipsing along the shore, listening idly to a podcast on Spirituality & Sexuality an audiobook,  I found a dead shark. Stranded beneath the rising sun that gently started warming up the cold beast with it’s rays of life,  it lay there for all the world to marvel at it’s mean and murderous disposition… it still had a hook in it’s mouth; someone had been shark fishing and not bothered to take home the loot. Sharknado – it’s happening.

On a more uplifting and sweaty note; apart from my AM drills with the stranded sea life, I’ve been drilling my ass of on the Tennis court. I’ve played everyday! As a kiddo, I wasn’t half bad at this tennis biznizz, but lately, this hobby has been overshadowed by other extracurricular activities. But, as the saying goes; my appetite has been whetted. Who wants to play with me back in London?

In accordance with the tennis – theme, I’ve been reading David Foster Wallace’s masterpiece Infinite Jest. It takes place (predominantly) at a junior pro tennis training facility and a narcotics rehabilitation center. This is a pretty juicy book, with over 1000 pages of tightly knit text and hundreds of footnotes  that has to be read. One of the footnotes goes on for 8 pages, and has itself, 6 footnotes. I refer frequently to special David Foster Wallace glossary’s for help with the exhaustively unfamiliar vocabulary. With so many different characters and the narrative jumping a damn hopscotch, I struggled for the first 200 pages and was like, what the actual f*** is he on about!?! Wheelchairs? Psychic Ladies? Year of the Trial – Size Dove Bar? Suicide by microwave? Well, well, it’s all loosening up now, and I’m getting a feeling that it is indeed well worth carrying on infinitely jesting.

xx Alexicat

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Beautiful tree covered in shells on the beach



Sea life that knows how to #glamthefuckup : Leopard print Crab


I will NEVER tire of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Then again, who will?

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