alexiabergstrom_005For a girl with a one track mind, there seems to be ten million options.

For Valentine’s Day, I mean (you are so dirty! Behave!)

Now – let’s get one thing straight: I have never had a date on Valentine’s Day, let alone a boyfriend. Hell, I never even got any damn flowers! No, Ok, that’s not true. My optician sent out bouquets to all their clients last year. So what would I know about how to spend Valentine’s Day, right? No – wrong! I know everything about how to spend this redonkulous day, because since I have never myself experienced anything but ‘Fabulous Girls Dinner at Zuma’ and  general Mercury retrograde disasters, I’ve managed to maintain a wonderful illusion of what this day could be like, should any appropriate Gentleman Friend of mine be on the same continent as I on February 14th. Or is that even the correct date?

Now let’s get another thing straight. I love the good ol’ luxury. I’m not talking about shameless and reckless spending on useless stuff. I’m talking about the luxurious feeling of something unique, something that makes you feel like the best version of yourself, something worth remembering.  When it comes to Valentine’s Day, my dream scenario always involved a stay at a luxurious hotel – a stay of such mind-blowing significance, you’d remember it forever.

I recently experienced a hotel that was well worth remembering; a hotel that has, among other things, won a ‘Sexiest Bedroom’ Award.  I’m talking about Blake’s Hotel in London. I could totally be sexy here.

It first opened it’s doors in 1978 and became known as the first luxury boutique hotel in the world. I can tell you this much – here’s a place that has stood the test of time. I have pointed many friends of mine in the direction of Roland Garden’s when asked where to stay in London; just last week a friend of mine stayed there and it turned out, the sensual atmosphere of the hotel was enough to turn this frigid Lady into a freaky baby! She told me she ‘wanted to move in’ here. Extended staycation, anyone?

The interior and ambiance is what I love the most here – it’s like walking into a sexy little secret, neatly tucked away in a black Victorian townhouse. The decoration was inspired by the founder, Anouska Hempel’s travels in Asia. Bird’s greet you with happy tweets (real birds, not twitter birds), Louis Vuitton trunks pushed up against the walls of the bar and of course – no two bedrooms at the hotel are the same. Just a quick look on their website will give you an idea of the kind of thing we’re dealing with here – this place was practically made for a Valentine’s escapade. I challenge you to defy me. Remember the former frigid girl.

If you do choose to take your lover here for the V-Day weekend, or any other weekend for that matter, also know this: the food is great. The Drinks are good. And it’s just a stumble away from King’s Road, so your girl can walk around in her Loubs all she wants. No problem.

We all know that I do have a panache for all things glam, sexy and exotic, so it’s no surprise that I was overjoyed to shoot the official images for this recently re-launched site here, at Blake’s. The header above of me in my purple dress, the image on the About page as well as the pictures in this post, were all shot at the Hotel. I am most grateful for the opportunity to realize my creative vision for the shoot, and spending time at Blake’s that day has lent further strength to my opinion that this is still one of the best and most unique hotels in London.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to thinking about that Valentine’s Day illusion…

Xx Alexicat

For more info on Blake’s Hotel or to make a booking, go to or call 44 (0)20 7370 6701

This was shot by Anna Martensson

I’m wearing Agent Provocateur lingerie and a Nina Jarebrink dress

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