IMG_4166I don’t know how many times I’ve said I’m not going back to Tramp, yet I found myself there again this Saturday. When I was at university at Regent’s College, my first years in London, I used to go there all the time and every Saturday was like a school disco. We used to say that we could draw up a map of this club and pinpoint the geographical facts of this place- there in the corner was the German table, in the middle of the wall it was the Swedes, the Saudis in the far corner etc etc. I haven’t been here for almost 1.5 years, yet everything is still the same!-it’s like a time warp in here. Just like in the olden days, some dudes bodyguard came up and requested my presence at his employers table. I was dragged by the arm to meet this bawse, who was so not my type of bawse. Horrendous! At one point I overheard a dude calling a group of girls “cattle” in the foyer. One of my many magnificently pretentious exes used to say about this place “It’s where the Middle East meets the Middle Class”. But I have to admit, it was a fun evening, although waking up the next day with the subsequent smell of Tramp on my clothes and in my hair felt less fun. I cured my Monday blues today with lunch at Bluebird with Minnie and Anna, who is moving to New York today! So take note, NYC friends- take care of her for me 🙂

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