IMG_9865Sample Sale; a promise akin to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – the Fashion Rainbow, that is. It is where you can score couture for humane prices, it is where ‘stress induced shopping fracture’ is applicable as well as Fashion FoMo. It is also a place where girls (myself included) are happy to stand in a room full of strangers wearing only a thong, because that £300 bikini is now down to £30, and in the world of Sample Sales, there’s not really room for fitting rooms. Who needs those anyway? We’re all here with a mutual goal – to score. A sample sale is also the place where the untrained shopper ends up buying loads of ugly designer shit that you never use, just because the markdown was so extreme. To avoid mistakes like that, here are some easy rules to follow:

1. Try to not get too stressed by the hectic vibe around you. The one I went to today (Matthew Williamson) was actually extremely calm, but I’ve been to a few in the past which resemble some type of fashion slaughter. It’s easy to get swept up in the grab-and-go mentality but keep your cool, stop for a moment, and look down at what you’re holding in your hands. That’s right, it kinda looks like a plague-ridden, dead coyote, now you think about it. Put. That. Thing. Down.

2. Wear stuff that’s easy to slip on and off. Strangers will see you naked. This is not the time to play modest. Try everything on, and be critical, just as you would be if you were buying it full price. Will you actually wear this, or do you just want to buy it because it’s (relatively) cheap?

3. Bring a friend and a budget. These two things will help you with achieving rule number 1. Also remember they usually don’t take Amex. Also make sure to arrive early!!

4. If you have the dough, go for the evening gowns and the one-offs. If you, like me, possess a wardrobe practically deficit of ‘everyday garments’ and instead always opt for the floor-length-off-the-shoulder-feathered-bla bla bla, then this is the place to go to actually buy those things. At MW today, there were some pretty glorious dresses marked down from £8000 to £500. Just Sayin.

5. Other good items to look for include those things I find so boring: basic stuff. Classic scarves and t- shirts, jeans, wallets, cashmere etc. Always look out for great coats and jackets (but make sure they have the perfect fit!) Stay away from stuff that’s too “this season”. Unless “this season” is your thing, of course.

6. Feel free to disregard all of the above rules. It’s your wallet, your wardrobe. If there was ever a time to buy a plague-dead coyote, that time is now. One might as well. 

The Matthew Williamson sample sale is on the 9th and 10th of October 2014 from 9 am to 7 pm at The Music Room, South Molton Lane, 2 mins from Bond Street 


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