P1060541Last night, I had the big fortune to accompany my good friend and restaurant critic Anna to one for one of her reviews. Anna is more of an Eastie-Beastie, so it was a unique pleasure to have her on my side of town. What better way to spend a Wednesday evening, than down at the pub? Gastro pub, of course. We headed over to The Cadogan Arms, a classic Chelsea pub on the King’s Road. Previously I’ve only been here to down multiple Espresso Martinis so I’ve never tried the food. The last time I was here, actor Idris Elba was chilling at the bar with a pint and a paper, and this time there were loads of young peeps enjoying a boozy but nice Wednesday evening. This whole business of critiquing restaurants is most certainly something I could get used to- we got wined and dined like it was, well, our job. Sweet! We had a great evening; outstanding service, delicious food, and highly entertaining conversation… hmmm I just might have some material for future Extreme Echos  🙂

If you wanna check out the awesome website Anna writes for, click the link below. Her review will be up there soon, but they have loads of other fun reviews of everything London!


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