DSC_0534Bojour tout le monde! Here are some recent snaps from around St Barth’s.

Before you scroll down to check it out, I’d just like to take this opportunity to express how happy and lucky I feel to be here on a normal family vacation with my brothers and my mother. Our grandparents started visiting this island almost 40 years ago, and since the year I was born, we have been coming at least once a year. It really is a pleasure and a privilege being able to spend time in this paradise with family and best friends from all over the world. We are all enjoying this time away from work immensely.

Two night’s ago, we went to Russel Simmon’s annual party at Eden Rock. I always have the best time ever at this party – quite often, it’s more fun than New Year’s eve! This year, the famous guests included Rita Ora, P Diddy, Leo DiCaprio etc etc etc… Afterwards there was an after party at the super cool Villa Rockstar. My fellow Swede Victoria Silvstedt was there too, and I just read on here blog that she was happy for a compliment she got from another woman – that woman was me! You’re welcome Victoria, you really are a stunner 🙂

Apart from that, we’ve been chilling around the beaches – Governour, Saline, Colombier, as well as lunching at Do Brazil, Tamarind and Eden Rock. A word of warning if you’re here – be careful at the beach by Manapany, Anse de Cayes – one of my brother’s stepped on a sea urchin there and had to go to the hospital for a small operation on his foot! The whole bandaged foot/shuffle like a hunchback in Yacht Club isn’t a very good look, but don’t tell him I said that.

I’m also cruising around with my friend and taking loads of pictures  – will be plenty more up on here in the next couple of days.

Until next time,

xx Alexicat DSC_0547

This gorgeous printed skirt and body are from a wonderful website called Alice in Carnaval who will soon be launching their new webshop. I will post a link to it when it’s up!

DSC_0522Lunch at Tamarind, which has been re-opened this year by new owners – much better than last year! They have a very cute boutique here too, be sure to check it out if you come for lunch.

DSC_0583DSC_0549IMG_6352Russel Simmon’s party at Eden Rock is always the best.

IMG_5998IMG_6037ALEXIA ADDED NOISEHiking up the mountain by Colombier beach – breathtaking view! This last picture was taken by my friend Agnes, who’s a skilled photog 🙂

IMG_5287Fish Burger at Eden Rock

IMG_4964IMG_6139This is the view from our house, and as I tend to wake up early in the mornings, I often catch the magnificent sunrise. Beautiful! #skyporn