Here are some snaps that never made the cut for the more ‘aesthetically pleasing’ posts – a little pick a mix of selfies, parties, beaches etc around the island. Above: Toi là! Je t’aime! But you already knew that of course 😉



I am a 100% serious when I tell you that I have a sun umbrella. Yes, it’s pretty, Yes, I use it. I am that milky looking, total block girl you’ll see on the beach, sweeping along  in a kaftan. A bikini clad dementor, if you will. People stare and wonder ‘What is she even doing here? Why bother?’ Because just a tiny hint of a tan allows us to use the #nomakeup hashtag without any actual makeup. Splendid!


I definitely need some of the above now – come on, let’s get that fitspo 2015!

DSC_0018DSC_0011I am a firm believer in all – white ensembles. And bindis.


Found these gorgeous Triwa sunglasses in a store in St Jean. Love!


Another windy selfie in between taking some photos wearing this cool body – more to follow on this one!

IMG_7129Did you know St Barth’s used to be a Swedish colony? Here we are outside the Swedish Consulate, the oldest house on the island. Agnes and her family lived here when she was a kid, and I remember playing here back in the days. Think, if they’d kept the house : it’s merely a stumble away from Yacht Club.

IMG_7140Met this little baby turtle during my morning walk. He clearly understands the concept of power walk followed by breakfast. Seriously though, wipe your mouth.


View during my walk. Not too shabby.


Playing around Saline beach.

IMG_7193   DSCF5700Shot of Agnes sitting on one of the cannons above the harbor in Gustavia.


With friends Mollye, Louise, Jose and the brothers, before Russel Simmons party

IMG_6459 IMG_6460The usual shenanigans at Le Ti St Barth. Always great fun!

IMG_6496Tan Man looking tanned on New Years Eve