IMG_1211Above: I am feeling right at home on a throne – like piece of furniture at the Kensington Palace. It’s right in Hyde Park – come here to have a look around inside, it’s absolutely beautiful!


The ceiling in one of the rooms. Do You ever take a moment to look up at the ceiling, or to the top of buildings? The architecture is often surprising and stunning. Look up!


I would so rock this dress. Also, great for wide hips.

IMG_0102I cleaned out my closet and put everything I didn’t want out on the street – we’re talking two full moving boxes off stuff that could put me to sleep by just looking at them. It was gone within half an hour.


Fall has arrived in London! This is outside a great little food store, Bayley and Sage, in Parson’s Green.

P1130501Also went to the wonderful Malevich exhibition at Tate Modern. Hurry up, it ends this week on the 26th!


Gotta love art that really reflects me, right?

P1130497IMG_0220Also at Tate: lot’s of Robert Mapplethorpe photography. How suitable that this is what I’m reading at the moment: Just Kids by Patti Smith, chronicling the beginnings of her’s and Mapplethorpe’s career and life in NYC, with many moving stories about their relationship and everlasting friendship.  Oscar Wilde is always mandatory – this collection of awesome quotes is called Nothing Except My Genius