Six friends were reunited last week on the Mediterranean sea. Needless to say, loads of fun, loads of pictures – let me tell you (almost) all about it. Say hello to Laura, Lisa, Isabelle, Alexandra and Marika! #crew

The Pisces in me is at one with the sea – this much is true. Even so, that first night on board, I honestly thought I was going to chunder everywhere. But rest assured – my gills are made of strong stuff, and after overcoming my shakiness, those sea legs of mine were screwed on tight.

Before we could get lazy with all the Italian wine, we decided to check out Pompeii. Now, I am well aware that none of you rascals ended up on this blog in your search for deeper archeological knowledge/ historical enlightenment, but I think it is only correct to mention a few facts. A helluva long time ago, the city was covered in volcanic ash, burying it in a way that preserved everything exactly the way it was at the time of Mount Vesuvius eruption. What they found was a city completely immersed in decadence and sexy-stuff: I believe this is the original Rack City. Our guide showed us the remains of a crib so pimp, it’d make Floyd Mayweather envious – murals, spa’s, gardens, gyms: endless luxuries. They’d organise limitless parties where guests would eat and drink until they literally collapsed – then, a slave would come with a feather and tickle their masters in the back of their throats so they could throw up, just to do it all over again. This is where the term Vomcano was coined.

After setting the tone for all that Carpe Diem at Pompeii, we set of for Positano. Have you seen The Talented Mr Ripley? No wonder Matt Damon’s character lost his marbles a bit here and got all swoony for Jude Law – this is undoubtedly  one of the most beautiful and romantic places I’ve ever been. If anyone wants to take me for a romantic getaway here, make yourself known, dammit!

Now, now, this isn’t all there is, so pace yourself – I’ll add another post with the rest of the pictures soon. Until then, let this shiver your timbers.


Amphitheatre! Magnificent. They still show theatres here regularly. I think there should be a dope DJ setup so we can do like, a Swedish House party.

P1110256 P1110260 P1110299

Inside the spa (above)

P1110307 P1110311

These leads were deadbeats.


View from above Pompeii (not us, the rooftops)

P1110345 P1110349

Inside one of the bordellos, lying on a prostitutes bed. Apparently, they were made extra uncomfortable, in order to speed up the job. No time for comfort! Above is a mural of one of the services provided.


Seriously though, did you know the site is available for hire? Toga Party, anyone?

P1110359 P1110371 P1110381 P1110384

Mount Vesuvius in the background. Such a temperamental beast.

P1110387 P1110396

Back on the boat, Marika and Lisa enjoying a game of backgammon.



Girls on watch duty. But wouldn’t you do the same, if the neighbouring yacht belonged to Steve Jobs? (below)


P1110607 P1110412 P1110424 P1110433 P1110457 P1110481 P1110483

From left to right: Lisa, Alexandra, Isabelle, Me, Marika and Laura. Positano in the background.

P1110495 P1110507