IMG_1406The possibilities for what to do in London are infinite – especially when your long lost ball and chain has returned to town! Davida is back in London, and we decided to go somewhere  yesterday where we would be completely undisturbed, alone and incognito: Hackney City Farm (let’s go check out the pigs.) Our  intention really was to ogle the pigsty, but instead we ended up in a glorious little boutique selling vintage, jewellery, collectors items and made-to-measure one-off’s. I was trying on a couple of 1950’s ball gowns with matching turbans when a man came in carrying three military costumes and started singing opera – we were all immediately BFF’s and bonded over mutual love of pea cocking. That’s what I always say: you never know who you might meet, where your day might take you. Let the universe work it’s magic!

More magic: this weekend there was a big Yoga fair called Om Yoga Show. There was also a Baby fair on in the adjoining building at Kensington Olympia. Our good friend Ebba had the dubious pleasure of working at the Baby fair and she kindly invited us to come and say hello. Obviously, we only did this to sneak into the Yoga fair (but don’t tell her that.) However, sneaking into the yoga hall without a ticket was like getting into Loulou’s wearing ripped stripper jeans-shorts with matching nipple tassels- we had to (literally) run away from three different guards and blah our way in through the rear exit (“Yeah, yeah, so I’m a journalist for…, we write a lot about Yoga. Really? Haven’t heard of it? How strange…”)

Finally inside, I could revel at the different things on offer; discounted yoga clothes, juice bars, free yoga lessons etc. My favourites were the meditation guru and the crystal stall, obvi. Got some clear quartz crystal and tried to convince Davida to buy a couple rocks too, but she was having none of it. All in good time, all in good time…

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