Bad skin and I? We don’t mix. Ever. Wanna know one of my many, many, skincare secrets? Regular facials! Read on for YOUR SPECIAL OFFER on a QMS facial 🙂 

Yesterday, I went to a pretty fabulous facial. Below are pictures following the procedure kind of step by step. I normally don’t post this kind of selfish selfie cavalcade, but you know, in the interest of good skin, I’ll make an exception. There are absolutely no filters, no edits and NO MAKEUP in ANY of the photos (Ok I lied – I had a tiny bit of tinted moisturiser on when I arrived!).

I discovered QMS Medicosmetics when I was living just behind Sloane Square, pretty much door to door with this institution of all things skin. QMS was founded by Doctor Erich Schulte, who developed the products and the brand to help people with damaged skin (and people who just want to be ridiculously good looking, I guess.) I had my first facial there in July this year, and have been pleased with the results, so I decided to come back. Stepping in here feels like entering a ‘safe environment’ for your skin – the clinical approach to skincare here is certainly very calming for someone who takes their skin-situation seriously – Professional is what I think, looking at the white and blue décor.

QMS-Medicosmetics-Flagship-Skincare-Spa-&-Store-1QMS Medicosmetics_Flagship Skincare Spa, London03QMS Medicosmetics_Flagship Skincare Spa, London01Now, I know that I am exactly the type of bitch who other girls want to punch in the face when I say stuff like “Omg, look at my skin, its a disaster!” and point to an area of my face which, to the untrained or forgiving eye, may seem completely spotless. But you see, this is not nearly good enough; having skin that just looks good, with makeup. No no, I need my skin to be flawless. Therefore I needed to get rid of everything that was bugging me – congestion and milia, and other little flaws I hide so well. Enter: the Deep Cleanse Facial.

This is a very basic, no nonsense, lets get rid of all the nasties, type facial, with the added benefit of awesome exfoliation and oxygen. I’d booked a 60 minute session with the same lovely therapist I had last time, Stephanie.  I’ve added more description about the procedure itself with the photos,and if you’re now impatiently waiting to scroll down to see the results (or to see if I get more naked than the above photo)  I’ll just leave you with this little summary of my experience (and a free gift!)

Simply fantastic! Despite having squeezed the living daylights out of my skin, I left with hardly a mark on my face. Super friendly staff who know what they’re doing, products that really do what they are supposed to. Stephanie did give me some samples this time and the last time I was here, and I have been loving the Sports Active Cream, the 24 h Cream and the Eye Cream. Highly recommend.

Now to the real money shot: Do you want to have that same, clear skin Experience? Check out this FREE treatment from QMS and me to YOU 🙂 

As a gift for my readers, QMS Medicosmetics will add-on their super effective Pure Oxygen Boost (worth £25) on your first facial of 60-minutes or more. Whether suffering from jet lag, long hours, change in seasons (or too many martinis) this 95% pure oxygen concentrate is perfect to revive, rejuvenate and restore the skin to glowing radiance. Honestly speaking, the Oxygen Boost is a real game changer. Get your complimentary Oxygen Boost, valid from 8th October to 1st December 2014. To enjoy this special gift make sure you quote AB Oxygen Gift when you book in at the QMS Medicosmetics Spa

(I had the Deep Cleanse Intense, 60 minutes, £95)

QMS Medicosmetics is on 43 Cadogan Gardens, SW3 2TB, London

+ 44 (0) 20 7730 8090

IMG_8500Upon arrival, I am wearing a little bit of tinted moisturiser.

IMG_8561About to lie in the bed in one of the rooms. This feels totally tranquil and professional. As you can see, my skin is very fair, pale even, and I really try to keep it that way. No wrinkles for me, thank you!  As you can also see, I am sporting some tan lines there – this came about last week after walking from Notting Hill to Chelsea in a tank top – that’s how easy my skin absorbs the rays of the sun. You can imagine how high my spf has to be when I’m in warmer climates!

IMG_8634The bed is heated and snuggly, and the blanket is ultra soft. If it wasn’t for the fact that I couldn’t shut up during the treatment, I might have taken a little snooze.

IMG_8702The strong lights allows the therapist to see exactly the type of horrors I see myself. Let’s get to the bottom of this! First, Stephanie cleanses my skin thoroughly and then it’s time for serious exfoliation, using a rotating brush, and some even more serious extraction, after a steam. I can not emphasise how good it feels after a good extraction…

IMG_8704To calm the face down after the extractions, she puts on a heavy and cooling algae mask. This was fantastic! Feels so good on the face, but obviously I had to actually shut up during this (although I did try to grunt some directions for Stephanie on how to take the picture. She clearly managed without this useless guidance) After a while, she peeled it off, which felt really cool.

IMG_8713Afterwards, she put this Hannibal Lecter style mask on my face. It’s soaked in Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Collagen, which tingles a little on the skin. I am ALL about the non abrasive types of peels for the skin, i.e I never use scrubs with any kid of “scratching” ingredients. Instead, it’s much better and way more effective, to use a chemical type of peel with Hyaluronic Acid or Salicylic Acid. This makes your skin super smooth!

IMG_8723The foil on top of the Hannibal Lecter mask really activates the ingredients of the mask. Feel free to caption this any way you like. Foil Baked Alexicat?

IMG_8726Straight after the treatment. I can’t believe my skin already looks so good, hardly any red marks at all!

IMG_8727The algae mask lies on the table, looking like a piece of contemporary art. Speaking of which, my face will be glowing next week at Frieze! 😉

IMG_8737 IMG_8761IMG_8948Sometimes after a facial, your skin can get really red and blotchy the day after. Above and below are photos I took this morning, and as you can see, I don’t look red or irritated at all! Once again I will remind you that I am not wearing any makeup, and I am standing in a window with natural sunlight, so as to give you an honest look here. I am extremely picky with facials, and this is one I very much enjoyed – I will definitely be back for more!