Happy Sunday, folks! Or is it hangover Sunday, folks? If the latter is the case, perhaps you need to cure yourself of those nasty toxins and if you belong to the former category – here’s a little place to help you stay that way.

I’ve just been to Tanya’s, a brand new restaurant located in the My Chelsea Hotel. It’s all vegan, all raw, all organic, all awesome. If you’re one of those who think that raw food is best reserved for rabbits and hippies, think again – it’s super satisfying and filling, I promise. I had some kind of vegetable curry creation which was totally delish, while my friend Anna had the vegetable lasagne. We shared a Blueberry Cheesecake and some smoothies which were sooo good.

Last Saturday, I was at another favourite – Nama, in Notting Hill, and every Saturday it’s the same thing… The place is filled with girls who just came from Yoga/Pilates/Sexville, all talking about men and other important things. Opposite Nama there is another restaurant – Raoul’s – which is the polar opposite. Get that real hangover brunch, you know (also really awesome place). Raoul’s is filled with hot guys (and girls) so what we have here is a bit of a perfect pick-up location. Every now and again, guys heading to Raoul’s walk past Nama, slowing their step a little, and perhaps even stepping in for a….what the hell is this? Fuck it, I’ll just have a juice, thanks. Raw food- great for your body (and for picking up girls.)

Ok, ok, all jokes aside – the vegan/raw places totally have something for everyone. I’ve made so many friends here, too, just starting chatting to the friendly people next to us. Not to mention the nice staff! I took one brother to The Good Life eatery and he was overwhelmed by their awesome breakfast and seriously good Cappuccino. What about You? Do you have a favourite organic place in London? Let me know if you do, because I’m telling you, this is what it’s all about. Now my only question is: when will they start serving Kaletinis at Chiltern?

Tanya’s Cafe is on 35 Ixworth Pl. SW3 3QX

Nama is on 110 Talbot Rd. W11 1JR

The Good Life Eatery is on 59 Sloane ave. SW3 3DH

Raoul’s is on 105-107 Talbot Rd. W11 2AT