New Year, new promises. I am forever the optimist, and I always like to begin the new year with positive thoughts, like, this will be the best year of my life! However, this nonsense about New Years resolutions, feels completely unnecessary. I don’t know one single person who’s ever made a new years promise that they have actually kept. Perhaps it’s because everyone gets so drunk on that actual evening, so they don’t remember what they promised the next day? Haha…Besides, these kind of promises people make are almost always about discipline and restricting yourself. “I want to lose weight, I want to get my grades up, I want to stop acting like such a slut”. It’s always about changing something about yourself that you don’t appreciate, and I don’t like that. I’d much rather think, this is what I like about my life, and now I want to promise to try to do more of that in order to be more happy. Maybe then, when you are a happier person, the weight will drop, you’ll study harder, and you’ll stop sleeping around. More happiness for everyone!

Last night, we had another wonderful night here in St Barth’s at our friend’s house- they had hired a chef and waitresses who served us many different delicacies! I sat next to the host, Axel, and gave a little speech after dinner 🙂 We chilled at the house all night, just drinking loads of good wine and drinks and listening to some deep house.

Late in the evening, someone knocked on the door. I flung the door open in my long green dress and with a glass of champagne in my hand, I welcomed the police. The neighbours had once again complained about the music, and they now entered the house, flashlights and all, to see what the hell was up here. Come on guys, a little party never killed nobody, right? We ended up having to pay a fine of 67 Euros. Only problem was, not one of the 20 people at dinner seemed to be in possession of a single Euro coin. How is it possible? And the police absolutely refused to take 68, or 70 , it had to be exactly 67. Whatever happened to good old bribing? A dying art, my friends. We searched around the house for half an hour and finally we found one. From now on, I think we should just leave an envelope in front of the house every night, with 67 damn Euros.

Then today, we went for a lovely lunch at Le Toiny, a hotel on the other side of the island. It was our New Years lunch, warming us up for tonight! I wore a new favourite dress of mine, the pink one, by new British label Chartwell and G. J’adore! I’m also wearing sunglasses by Anna Karin Karlsson, and the green four leaf clover bracelet was a gift from Madeleine and Magnus, they bought it here on the island. How lucky I am, for having such sweet friends!

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