Being bored is one of the greatest sins. Or is it being boring? I think it’s being bored.

Don’t we always look for that one thing, that fix, that hit, that makes our pulse quicken, our heads tingle, our hearts yearn with desire… for these feelings are anything but boring. Let me tell you what does it for me.


When it comes to material possessions, there is absolutely nothing that can rival jewellery in terms of desirability for me, and for good reason. I see it as an investment, something to transcend both time and trend. I grew up with a mother who instilled in me a firm belief that leaving the house without jewellery was simply unacceptable. And to be completely honest, I do think it’s unacceptable – absolutely  unacceptable, to let your nice pieces lie and collect dust in boxes on a shelf. Jewellery, like clothes, are meant to be worn.

Let’s talk a bit more about aforementioned high. I recently experienced that certain jewellery high, the one that makes me giddy with want and desire, when I tried on Tessa Packards beautiful pieces. Her designs are a perfect example of wearable, sophisticated and fun creations – the type of jewellery that will never lie collecting dust on your shelf, because quite simply, you’ll never want to take it off.

Tessa is a British designer whose handmade creations have long been on my mind.  She is an interesting and fun creator, often drawing inspiration from nature, always using the best materials and stones. I cannot wait for her fourth collection!

I was so inspired by her work I got the idea for the images you see above and below. I’m wearing pieces from the Predator/Prey and No Smoke Without Flowers collections. Why not let my inspiration be your inspiration for your Valentine’s day wishlist/ shopping list? It’s a sure fire way to make your lover a happy lover.

Shop Tessa’s beautiful collection at http://www.tessapackard.com/

Oh and last but not least – I could never have done this shoot without the creative brilliance of my number 1 Dream Team. I have never worked with a team where we had so much fun and were so completely on the same page!

Photography:  Dawn Marie Jones http://www.stoyanovandjones.com/

Make Up: Ayesha Bowen contact: ayesha@faceovglamour.com

Hair: Helen Leonard http://www.helenleonard.co.uk/

Ayesha and Helen offer an exclusive service where they come to your house and style you for any event – party, red carpet, wedding, you name it. I guarantee you’ll look a million bucks! Get in touch with them for more details.