I must have posed for over 40 works of art for Him; films, photos, paintings, sculptures… The man is nothing if not multi faceted. Especial attention was given to the short film Dans ma Chambre/Dans ma Cherie. As is indicative by the name, it was a rather explicit encounter of me, and our sex life. But you know, all in the name of art…

Let me spare you the trouble of trying to Google aforementioned film; this story is fictional and I have not participated in a movie of that kind.

This is an excerpt from “Muse” – a short story I just had published in brand new magazine Londnr.com for which I will be contributing on a regular basis. I got my inspiration from the hotel where we shot the photos to go with it, The Artist’s Residence, in Pimlico. We had a great team and a very fun day shooting – I am so happy with the pictures! Plus, I got to wear exquisite clothes by the likes of Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel; a special thanks to The Merchant 24 for lending us their clothes. This is a great consignment store on Fulham Road and the last time I checked, the black Balmain gown I’m wearing in the photo above was still for sale!

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I love writing short pieces of fiction as I think it allows for exploring a multitude of writing styles and topics… I particularly enjoy being given a topic or a title and then see where that takes me. Once, I was given the direction to write a piece of flash fiction about travel, and I wrote about the wax that travels from the heated jar, to the leg and the hair, to the bin…. Another time, it was to write about a Yoga class at a popular studio in Chelsea, and I ended up disregarding the class only to write the story from the perspective of a mouse who lived in the building. I think I just love making stuff up.

As some of you may know, I am in the process of writing my first novel. This is what has been consuming most of my days the last couple of months, and I am now almost finished – or at least I think so. Working on such a long story – I estimate the finished product will be around 100.000-120.000 words – it can feel very nice to write these type of shorter stories for a change.

So, if you like to read (who likes to read, right?) but let’s just say you are, hypothetically, one of the last people on planet earth who likes to waste your time reading, well, would you like me to put a short story up here? I would be so happy if you’d like to suggest a title or a topic for me! Who knows where that could take us…



These images are the property of Londnr.com

Photography: Debarati Sanyal

Makeup: Monnie Kaur

Hair: Ben Noble

Clothes by: The Merchant 24

Location: Artist’s Residence Pimlico 


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